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<title>Option: execcommand_callback</title>
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	<h1>Option: execcommand_callback</h1>

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		This option allows you to add a custom callback function for execCommand handling. This enables you to override internal
		command functions in TinyMCE. The example below shows how the mceLink and mceImage are overriden.

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	<h3>Example of usage of the execcommand_callback option:</h3>
	<div class="example">
function <strong>myCustomExecCommandHandler</strong>(editor_id, elm, command, user_interface, value) {
	var linkElm, imageElm, inst;

	switch (command) {
		case "mceLink":
			inst = tinyMCE.getInstanceById(editor_id);
			linkElm = tinyMCE.getParentElement(inst.selection.getFocusElement(), "a");

			if (linkElm)
				alert("Link dialog has been overriden. Found link href: " + tinyMCE.getAttrib(linkElm, "href"));
				alert("Link dialog has been overriden.");

			return true;

		case "mceImage":
			inst = tinyMCE.getInstanceById(editor_id);
			imageElm = tinyMCE.getParentElement(inst.selection.getFocusElement(), "img");

			if (imageElm)
				alert("Image dialog has been overriden. Found image src: " + tinyMCE.getAttrib(imageElm, "src"));
				alert("Image dialog has been overriden.");

			return true;

	return false; // Pass to next handler in chain

	<strong>execcommand_callback : "myCustomExecCommandHandler"</strong>

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