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Gsys Install Notes

1)  Uncompress Gsys to a folder accessible by your webserver
2)  Create your database (default name is 'gsys' but can be changed in includes/db.php)
3)  Add the SQL data in Gsys_tables.sql to your database
4)  Edit includes/db.php to reflect your database settings
5)  Open the directory you uncompressed Gsys to in your browser (assuming you have PHP & MySQL configured already)
6)  Log in with username: admin password: admin
7)  Start playing with Gsys.

Questions?  Problems?  Feature requests?  HELP ME MAKE Gsys BETTER!
Please direct them all to http://gsys.sf.net (which will link you to the project page) or email me at darc[-at-]darchorizons.com
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