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v0.1 - 2006.01.13
* Added/updated a basic comment header on every file.
* Removed deprecated code from various spots (sorry for the vagueness, just did it as I came across it)
* Styled (almost) every page - credit:  Marty
* Added ability to post and order T-shirts through Gsys
* Converted add_payment.php to self posting, self contained form.
* Added 'misc'ellaneous data table to database (keyed on label)
* Added ability to mark payments as early which will add a predetermined early payment amount to the transaction (amount taken from misc. table)
* Added treasury/set_early_amount.php to allow treasurer to set the amount for early payment credits
* Fixed 'treasury_functions.php?cat=user_transaction_list' to sort descending by date and calculate balance correctly (like user_transactions.php)
* Added 'news' table to database for posting articles to news ticker (news ticker which doesn't exist yet)
* Fixed an if/else problem in do_buy_shirt.php
* Added php/user_registration.php to allow users to apply for access (access granted/denied by admin, see below)
* Added admin/approve_users.php to allow admin to approve/deny users applying for site access
* Updated php/do_authuser.php to check if users are approved by admin before logging in (rejects on pending and denied users)
* Changed alignment of displayed data on multiple pages to improve readability
* Fixed a static path in php/do_authuser.php which point to (wwwroot)/php - now uses dynamic path
* Added stipulation on php/phone_list.php to only display active members and pledges
* Created a (crappy) generic Gsys banner... check out my skills
* Added success and error CSS classes for reporting results to users

v0.07 - 2006.08.29
* Brother management tools developed (add, delete, edit) - credit:  ParaXoN
* Added a new table to store meeting minutes (meeting_minutes)
* Updated the SQL installation file to reflect the database change
* Added appropriate management tools for meeting minutes (add, delete, edit).  See:  admin/minutes_man.php
* Bundled TinyMCE for adding and editing minutes
* Included the images & CSS developed by Marty for my chapter site to make things less ugly... customize it as you see fit.  Some day I'll make a generic "Gsys" theme so you don't have to see "Kappa Sigma - Omicron Gamma" (since that's probably not you).  Personally, I *hate* web design so if someone else wants to do it, that'd be great (it's not my top priority).

v0.06 - 2006.08.14
* Removed hard link to brother_home.php
* Fixed database field that was too short to hold password hash (stupid me)
* Fixed hard linked (and missing) menu include

v0.05 - 2006.06.18
* Removed a derived data field from the financial table (balance_after_transaction)
* Added 2 points of precision to all monetary amounts (balances)
* Updated pages that show transactions to compute balance on the fly, not use derived data field
* Added basic code to build a calendar system on
* Added basic code to build message system on (like intrasite email)

v0.04 - 2006.04.04
* Commented all files (briefly)
* Structured the code for readability (finally took the time to indent correctly : )
* Fixed search bug in do_brother_search.php that was displaying pledges
* Fixed search bug in pledge_roster.php that was displaying encrypted, BLOB data as text

v0.03 - 2006.03.26
* Added ability to view individual user's transactions instead of having to sort through full transaction list.
* Added a pagination for the transaction list, 40 results per page
* Updated setup_account.php to allow users to change almost all their information
* Fixed bug in individual user transaction list that was changing the user's session variable (and leading to all kinds of crazy errors)

v0.02 - 2006.02.28
* Added a display_balance.php include and call it on brother_home.php to display current user's balance.
* Added default administrator account for helping setup Gsys after install
* Added ability to edit previously posted transactions
* Added ability to delete previously posted transactions
* Added treasury/user_transactions.php where normal users can check what charges/payments posted to their account, and when, by who, and for what reason.
* Improved SQL efficiency - In some areas I was having to do two SQL queries to get all the information needed, I added a 'pin_num' session variable and reduced it to one.
* Fixed bug in treasury_functions.php (cat=add_specific) that made charges be positive instead of negative.
* Fixed bug in treasury_functions.php (cat=balance_list) that was miscalculating total member debt

Initial release 2006.02.16 - w00t 
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