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2012/11/30 4.1.0
We're proud to announce version 4.1! This version comes with an enhanced calendar.
The invitation system has been greatly improved. Now events are scheduled directly
into the users' calendars and the status of the event is directly visual. This
provides a much better user experience. The calendar group view and file manager 
have been improved as well.

2012/07/02 4.0.56
After long series of beta testing it's finally complete! 

It's important to know that:
- the CMS module is no longer supported. 
- We've dropped the Wordpress, PHPBB and formprocessor module.
- Vacation auto response is now handled by the sieve module. You need to install 
	the module and make sure that your IMAP server supports the sieve and managesieve protocol.
	WARNING: Upgrading removes all active vacation auto replies
- SyncML URL and datastores have been changed to: card, event and task

The new features are:
- Search through the contents of files
- CardDAV support
- File locking in the files module
- Document workflow module
- Users are stored in the addressbook too.
- Ticket groups for better permission management.
- Better file upload component
- gnupg support dropped. smime still supported.
- Project tasks have a relation now and have a percentage complete field
- Photo support in sync.
- Sync multiple calendars
- Billing module can create MS word and open-office invoices, quotes and orders.
- Billing module can handle purchase orders and stock.

2012/04/11 4.0.1
This is a beta release for the upcoming 4.0 version. It is not intended for 
production use. Please just use it for testing and provide us feedback in the 
We completely rewrote the PHP framework using the MVC approach. On the interface 
it may seem like there are not so many changes but under the hood there's a shiny 
new engine! This get's us ready for the future. It will enable us to create a
 mobile interface for example. It's also a much more organized and more secure 
framework. Extensive security testing has been performed by Cigitel.
There's also a new module for document management. You can search through files 
and add workflow to documents.


If you use SyncML clients like funambol you must reconfigure them. When you use
the debian repository you must connect to /sync instead of /sync.php. If you
don't use Debian packages you can connect to /modules/syncml/index.php.
Also make sure the syncml module is installed.

10/03/2011 3.7.1
This release has a lot of enhancements under the hood. Everything has been
optimized to work well in very large environments such as more then 20.000 users.
There are also some interesting new features such as Sieve mail filtering
support, Public icalendar files for calendars, Shared IMAP accounts and better
LDAP authentication connectivity.

2010/12/01 3.6.4
This release focuses on interoperability with other systems. With WebDAV and
CalDAV support the filesystem can be mounted like a network drive and you can
access the calender data directly with a calendar application. It also supports
meeting requests from other calendar applications now.
We moved the HTML templates, addresslists and newsletters into the community
version as we think these features belong to the community version.
There are lots of other changes too, checkout the full changelog that's included
with the package.

2010/05/14 3.5.1
We wrote a new fast IMAP library that doesn't require the php imap extension
which could be very slow with remote IMAP servers. POP-3 support is no longer
supported by the library because it's doesn't make much sense to use POP-3 with
webmail anyway.
The startup time of Group-Office has been improved, there is support for
Microsoft Office templates now and we improved the ticket system a lot.
Customers can also login through the Group-Office interface now.

2009/02/24 3.4.0
In this release we bring you a lot of small improvements across all modules and
also Microsoft ActiveSync support so you can sync with any phone that supports
ActiveSync. This means you can sync with iPhones, Nokia's, Google Android and
of course Windows Mobile. Setting up synchronization with contacts,
appointments, tasks and e-mail is really easy now!
We also improved the link browser and management of newsletters a lot. With the
new advanced search in the addressbook you can select any dataset from the
addressbook and save that search.
Check out the changelog for a full list of changes.

2009/12/01 3.3.0
We've been working a lot on performance for this release. We're now using
compression on the files so the startup time of Group-Office is much faster.
Enhancements on the permissions system deliver a much better overall performance
on large installations.

We've also added a lot of new features like:
- Resource management to book meeting rooms for example
- Enhanced project manager
- Tickets or Helpdesk module
- A lot of small enhancements everywhere in the system

Upgrading to this version is recommended for everyone!

2009/08/18 3.2.25
Fixed some bugs and we enhanced the RSS feeds panel and address formatting

2009/08/13 3.2.21
Moving e-mails between IMAP accounts is now possible and you can select different
address formats for contacts and companies now.
We've also updated all the external components to the latest stable versions and
fixed some small bugs.

2009/08/06 3.2.20
Fixed some compatibility issues with the latest versions of PHP and libraries
used by Group-Office. We added custom fields to users, updated a lot of
translations and fixed some bugs. Upgrading to this version is recommended.

2009/06/24 Version 3.02
A lot of enhancements were made like all the files at contacts, projects and
companies are now accessible through logical paths in the file manager.
Multiple sender aliases can be defined in the e-mail module and a lot of new
features were added to the projects module.

2009/02/16 Version 3.01

Since the initial 3.0 release we have actively been developing new features. The most 
important new features since the first version are:

-GO can be setup as a complete mail server that handles multiple domains and vacation autoresponse
-Importing and exporting of custom fields in the addressbook
-Improved Synchronization. It now supports the Blackberry Funambol and Nexthaus client.
-New timesheet in projects for easier time registration
-Support for subprojects and more intutive display of project information
-Save e-mail as tasks, files, appointments and notes option. When you save an e-mail as 
an appointment for example it automatically adds the recipients as participants and it 
saves attachments as files to the appointment.

A lot of transations were made too. Group-Office is currently available in:

-Chinese Simplified
-Português - Brazil
-Suomi - Finland

Check out the demo now!

2008/11/24 Version 3.00 stable

After more then one and a half year of development time and testing it's finally there! 
We are proud to present Group-Office 3.0, Group-Office needed to be modernized. 
New web techniques have been developed and are ready to use in a professional platform 
such as Group-Office. We completely rewrote the interface of Group-Office. It feels much 
more like a desktop application now with drag and drop features, flexible information panels
and much more!
Besides the eye candy and usability enhancements a lot has been improved under the hood too. 
The database adapter has been rewritten to use the improved MySQLi extension for better security. 
Data sent to the database is checked for attacks at the lowest level so it's impossible for 
developers to write insecure database queries when they use the Group-Office framework. A lot 
more has been done to improve security like insecure image blocking  in the e-mail module. 
It's impossible to name every change here in this message, you should check out the 
new version for yourself!

2008/09/03 Version 3.00 unstable

It was time for Group-Office to modernise. New web techniques have been developed and 
are ready to use in a professional platform such as Group-Office. Techniques such as 
AJAX, PHP5 and MySQL5. We compared a lot of AJAX frameworks and we came to the 
conclusion that ExtJS was the best framework for Group-Office. We decided to completely
rewrite Group-Office with this framework and we are very proud with the result.
Group-Office looks better, works better and is ready for the future!

2007/10/26 Version 2.18
This version has a new Java Webstart program that makes file management easier for you.
When you edit a text document on your PC it will automatically save the document in 
Group-Office for you.
The mailing lists are now more user friendly and there is a new helpdesk module.

2007/05/07 Version 2.17
Great improvements on usability have been made. In the top bar there's now a new search
box that searches through all Group-Office modules. This makes it very easy to quickly
find any item in Group-Office. The search mechanism is also used for linking items to
eachother now which makes it much easier.
The help button takes you to the right page on the new documentation site for
Group-Office. On this site users can also leave there comments to help the community.

Group-Office 2.17 has full support for Windows servers now (Tested with XAMPP)

IMPORTANT: Themes Professional, Professional 2, Default 2 are removed from Group-Office.
Please run install.php and not upgrade.php to set the new theme. You can also manualy
change login_screen and theme in config.php

The professional version of 2.17 of course has all the Community improvements. But on
top of that it has a new reports module. With the reports module it's possible to
present data from the addressbook and users. You can easily send newsletters by
e-mail or regular mail to contacts in these reports.

The synchronization server supports the Nexthaus clients now. Nexthaus offers a very
good Outlook SyncML client and a Blackberry client. With this addition Group-Office
supports almost every mobile device for synchronization!

It's now possible to link e-mail to contacts, companies, projects etc... Simply
select the e-mails you want to link and search for a contact for example and they
are stored at the contact.

2006/11/01 Version 2.16
This version has an improved linking interface and in the Professional version it's also 
possible to store e-mail as files and link them to contacts, companies or projects.
There's also a new gallery module which you can also put on webpages using the CMS.
The built in SyncML server was improved and supports latest Symbian phones now.

2006/07/12 Version 2.15-FINAL-9
Security and bug fixes

2006/06/21 Version 2.15-FINAL-8
Bug fix release

2006/05/24 Version 2.15-FINAL-7
This version is only to stay compatible with the Quotes/Invoices module.
if you don't use sudo to check quota's for email accounts then set
$config['cmd_quota']=''; in config.php

2006/05/22 Version 2.15-FINAL-6
This release contains only an updated websites module that uses FCKeditor instead of
HTMLarea and can have different templates per page.

2006/05/15 Version 2.15-FINAL-5
We've worked very hard to make 2.15 stable and faster. The synchronisation also
supports tasks now.

2006/05/04 Version 2.15-FINAL-3
This version of Group-Office has a lot of performance improvements and bug fixes.
The professional version now has support for the Synthesis clients and therefore 
it now also supports Palm OS. All symbian phones are supported now too.
The graphical user interface is improved at some points too.

2006/03/10 Version 2.15-FINAL-2

INTO: /<YOUR HOME DIR>/Contacts/John Doe.


2005/03/21 Version 2.15
This version has a lot of new useful functions, such as resource booking, event search, 
more flexible date formats, multiple email addresses for contacts, FCKEditor 
integration, display of holidays in the calendar, calendar grid configurable per calendar, 
email notification on file upload, filtering of closed tasks, and an appointment email 
reminder daemon. Event owners get an email if somebody else modifies, deletes, 
accepts, or declines an event.
Another great new function is multilinking. You can create as many links from one item
to another that you like.

2005/11/02 Version 2.14
The Group-Office framework has been greatly improved. Group-Office now features a 
complete devlopment toolkit to develop applications rapidly from standard controls.
The calendar and task features are much improved and it's now possible to attach files
to projects, tasks, companies and contacts. 

2005/05/30 Version 2.13
The e-mail client is extended with a preview pane and a much better GUI. 
Reminders can be snoozed and dismissed now administration modules can be 
easily customized from now on.

2005/03/12 Version 2.12
This version offers much more stability over previous versions. There are few 
new features but a lot of bugs have been fixed.

2005/01/24 Version 2.11
We made many improvements to the CMS module. Also the e-mail client has a n
ew Save as Draft option and the Filesystem module now as the HTML editor 
integrated so you can clickly edit or print a document anywhere. 
Also a lot of bug fixes and a new default theme!

2004/11/11 Version 2.10
Mainly a bugfix release

2004/11/01 Version 2.09
After 2.08 there was a major bug discovered in timezone handling. When the
clock went to winter time all appointments were shifted one hour. A good reason
for a quick new release.
2004/10/28 Version 2.08
This release contains major feature enhancements. A new Todos module.
Companies, Contacts and Projects have a new activities page where you can view 
all related notes, tasks, projects and appointments. The e-mail address fields 
now autocomplete names and e-mail addresses and there are much more 

2004/10/04 Version 2.07
This release is mainly a bugfix release but also comes with some new features 
in the calendar and e-mail module. Upgrading is advised.
Also check out the new webshop on Group-Office to add more power to 
Group-Office 2.07!

2004/09/02 Version 2.06
After a long time the new version is finally there with improved iCalendar and
vCard support and more.

2004/05/23 Version 2.05
Major changes under the hood and a nice new summary module. It's been two months
since last release but we give you a much more stable and powerfull Group-Office 
in return. Upgrading is recommended for everybody.

!!Important!! For upgrading you will have to delete your old Group-Office.php

2004/03/24 Version 2.04
With great help from many contributers this version a lot of improvements
were made. The application is much more stable with this release.
Upgrading is recommended.

2004/03/18 Version 2.03 SP1
Late tired and a rushy release leaded stupid mistakes.
Just typo's in the sql updates and forgot to remove some files made
2.03 to a disaster I think. 

If you already installed the first 2.03 then delete all files except for
Group-Office.php and replace all other by the files from this package.

Now open lib/updates.inc and check all the SQL updates for 2.02 and see
if your database matches. Look for the ab_custom_... tables and 
bm_bookmarks tables esspecially.

Sorry for the inconvience!

2004/03/10 Version 2.03
Just bugfixes in here. Fixed bugs in IMAP client.

2004/03/10 Version 2.02
There were some installation issues with 2.01, and some people disliked the
changed IMAP behavior of downloading all folders from the server. This version
offers an improved mail client and some other small bugfixes. 

2004/03/08 Version 2.01
This version contains all patches for 2.0 and feautures an improved e-mail 

2004/02/28 Version 2.0
After a lot of 1.9x releases 2.0 is finally in stable state.

This only goes for the modules:
- Addressbook
- E-mail client
- Projects
- Calendar
- Websites
- Notes
- Bookmarks

And languages:


2004/02/18 Version 1.98
This release performs better and adds some new functionality.

Modules that are known to work properly:
- Addressbook
- E-mail client
- Projects
- Calendar
- Websites
- Notes
- Bookmarks

The other ones are in development.

Languages that are known to be complete:


2004/02/11 Version 1.97

This installer will upgrade your database automatically. This release
features a new addressbook where contacts and companies are separated.
The company fields from your contacts will therefore be DELETED.
Because of this you should export your contacts first to CSV using
Group-Office. After upgrading you should first import companies from
that file. After that import the contacts.
Backup your database too to be extra safe.

This version also features:

- Complete redesigned user interface
- Automatically checks for reminders and email now and pops up a new window.
- Bug fixes

2004/02/02 Version 1.96
After releasing 1.95 some bugs came forward. This version solves these 

2004/01/19 Version 1.95
Making Group-Office to run in an environment without register_globals
brought a lot of bugs with it. This version brings all the fixes, along 
with powerfull enhancements to the addressbook, calendar and projects module.

2003/11/22 Version 1.94
This version no longer require the register_globals setting to be enabled.
Now it works on all setups and the security is enhanced.

2003/10/25 Version 1.93 (GO2 ALPHA 3)
Major performance improvements come with this release. Especially when you
have lots of users. Also the GUI is redesigned to work with a lot of users.
This release also contains othere new features and some small bugfixes.
I recommend everybody to upgrade to this version even though it's an alpha

2003/09/23 VERSION 1.91 (GO2 ALPHA RELEASE)
This realese only contains bugfixes for the previous version.

2003/09/21 VERSION 1.9 (GO2 ALPHA RELEASE)
This release is the prelease to Group-Office 2.0. It now features sharable 
addressbooks and overall increased usability.
Group-Office now can authenticate users against LDAP or mail servers so 
implementing Group-Office in your existing user environment was never easier.

Group-Office ships only with the English and Dutch language now. Other 
langugaes have to be downloaded separately.

See the notes in the file 'INSTALL' on how to migrate to the new addressbook.

2003/08/07 VERSION 1.12
This release contains major bugfixes. It also includes an updated manual,
a new dutch manual, New themes, languages and more! Autorizing users is 

These languages are known to be incomplete:

2003/07/24 VERSION 1.11
This release focusses mainly on some bugfixes.
There is also a great new theme called Nuvola and the scheduler is improved.

2003/07/18 VERSION 1.1
After a very buggy installer in the last release this one comes with a 
completely renewed installer that will guide you through the installation 
process interactively. The email module has unlimited subfolder support now 
and the scheduler has a reminder function. Administrators might also be happy 
with new configuration tools. The scheduler module has an improved view and 
functionality There is a completly new Web site managemnet module.
Special thanks to all contributers!

2003/06/18 VERSION 1.06
This release is officially announced as a production stable release!
The e-mail module has improved functionallity and there is a new theme called 
crystal. This release also includes additional language support.

2003/06/03 VERSION 1.05
This release is revolutionary because there were lots of contributions for 
this release! We now have language support for: German, Danish, Dutch and 
English. There are also new features, bugfixes and an end user manual.

Special thanks to:

- Casey Ruark for his wonderfull end user manual
- Georg Lorenz for making the e-mail module work with Cyrus IMAP and the 
  German translation
- Allan Hansen for the Danish translation

See the chanelog for more details

2003/05/08 VERSION 1.03
This version is released because the makers of the menu used in the previous 
versions have changed the license to an incompatible form. Now the program
is 100% GPL. Also small bug fixes and translations were made.

2003/04/26 VERSION 1.02
This release has some new features in the modules and the framework.
It's also a lot more stable. Please read the changelog for details.
Read the installation instructions when installing and upgrading!!!

2003/04/08 VERSION 1.01
small bug fixes

2003/03/21 VERSION 1.0
First release

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