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Grocery List Install instructions

I. Install Apache, MySQL, and PHP
	I have configured PHP with "output_buffering = 4096"
	Be sure that you have PHP XML-RPC support installed or compiled into PHP for UPC support. http://us.php.net/xmlrpc
II. Copy all of the grocery-list *.php files to the apache server's www or htdocs folder.
III. Configure your glist database in mysql
	1. bring up the mysql prompt
	2. type the following command

	mysql> create database glist;

	3. add a new user named 'user' (or whatever you want) with the following command...

	mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON glist.* TO 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
	4. Select the database and build any missing tables.

	mysql> use glist;
	mysql> source glist.sql;

	5. Set the database settings in your own include/config.php file to match step 3.

IV. Navigate your webrowser to where you installed the program.
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