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GMFoto 0.1 is a lighweight, simple gallery script written in .php & .css - which does not require a database.

The system is straight-forward to install locally or on a servers - no root access, extra extensions or 
server configuration should be required.

A simple template driven layout and multi-user functionality allow for a wide range of uses from a single installation.

images can be uploaded full size ( by FTP ) and are compressed and resized automatically.


there are a few things to configure, however, the most basic setup should involve 
changing the string 'loveunit_com' in the function call:

$root = GM_root ( 'loveunit_com' ); // run function ##

to the name of your root folder - make this the same locally and live, and avoid periods 
or spaces in directory name.

in code/code.php you will need to change the url_skin & url_user to valid folders or sub-directories urls

simply edit code/code.index.php as required, save in the same place and place a copy in each user photo directory ( renamed index.php ).

adding galleries

create a new directory for example user/xxxxx/new_folder where xxxxx is your user number and copy the index.php from
the root user/xxxxx/index.php - that's it.

you can now drag n drop the folder anywhere and it should work fine, if you foget to add the index.php is should be added 
automatically also.

user settings

add first client as user/00001/ and copy the following files there:
user/00000/robots.txt --- edit to allow robots if required	

main items to set are:

url			site live url
user			name of user, appears in title
skin			set to skin/folder to use this template
image sizes		for resizing

template settings

simplest way to create a new template is to copy skin/00000 and edit the style.css - be sure to set the skin
setting in the relevant user/xxxxx/settings.php

you will need to set the correct location of the images used by lightbox.js by editing:


file management

the /care section contains a few simple script to tidy and rebuild the index.php and scaled images ( thumbs and mains made of 
each full size image uploaded )

an additional option ( bundled with GMFoto_KFM.zip ) include KFM file manager to allow for AJAX visual management of files and folders, 
this option requires a mySQL ( or other ) database - and is very straign-forward to set-up

future developments

the code base is very new, and requires much testing, commenting, and improvement - however the core idea is set, here is a list 
of planned future developments:

# directory ordering by building arrays of files & folders
will allow directories to be placed before files - and perhaps offer view ordering options

# paypal download shopping system
click to add to paypal cart - purchase one or many, emailed full-res download link, would need to reorganise file system a little

# image exif data display
should be simple enough, but requires a specific php set-up, so more generic route required

# rss feeds - all folders and images per gallery
something for the search engines and feedburners to eat

# search facility
plan to develop a file & folder based search engine, might need to add tags to files or associated tiles..

# expansion of template customisation via template/xxxxx/settings.php & user/xxxxx/settings.php
to allow extra control over gallery look and feel

date and license
copyright greenmedia.es 2008 - released under GNU - see license.txt for licensing
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