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DataMan's Glorified GuestBook
Version 1.0

Setup Instruction

01. create a web folder
02. unzip file into newly created folder
03. create a new database on your mysql server (e.g. dmguestbook)
04. use the 'db.sql' file to create required tables
05. open the 'library.php' file
06. edit the following lines:
	$dbhost = "localhost"; # your mysql server 
	$dbuser = "root"; # user name
	$dbpasswd = ""; # password
	$dbname = "dmguestbook"; # database name
	$adminemail = "hide@address.com"; # your email address
	$siteurl = "http://www.yoursite.com/dmguestbook/"; # the url path to your web folder

07. go to 'http://www.yoursite.com/dmguestbook/' or where ever you installed the files
08. log in using the following (username: admin , password: password)
09. click on 'manage members' change the admin username and password
10. create some categories
11. you are now open for business

Files Included

01. index.php
02. library.php
03. readme.txt
04. ipicon.gif
05. topicicon.gif


Michael Gbadebo (hide@address.com)
visit http://www.phpdevshed.com/

This is freeware! just let me know if you are using it or you change any part of the code
Leave the credit on the bottom of the web pages. Thanks


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