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These are the people that have contributed to Gefallende Reich's development in some way.

David Russell - (me!) The main developer, created the entire system and most things to do with it. Single-handedly created, enhanced and maintained Gefallende Reich for the first few months of its life. Worship him as your God.

Luke Snowden - The other developer, only recently joined teh development team. Currently doing the Ground Assault and Airstrike scripts. Was also an invaluable finder of bugs in the early stages of development before joining the team.

Konrad Haenel - The graphic artist. In just three days of working together we managed to conver the old layout (buggy, multi-browser unreliable and painful to the eyes) into what it is now. Also suggested I did things to the game system which I thought were insane at the time (getting rid of CSS, for example) but turned out to work very well to the game. You can see his work for other projects at http://www.konrad-haenel.de 

Matt Taylor - Not actually a developer, but he has administrated the forums from the very start. He will also administer the portal when it is released.
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