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// GBook made by Racin Nygaard. If you have any questions please ask them on irc (darkking @ Efnet)
// Or email me at: hide@address.com :)

// Translation part (smiley):
// In the $org, you need to type the original word you want to translate.
// In the $trans, you need to type what the original word should be translated to.
// I have added some smileys for you, but I have not blocked any words..
// If you need some smileys you are free to use the ones in the smileys/ folder.

$org = array(1 => ':)', ';)', ':D', ':P', ':(', ':-(', '(?)', '(6)', ':?', '-_-');
$trans = array(1 => 
'<img src="smileys/icon_smile.gif" alt="Smiley">', '<img src="smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="Smiley">',
'<img src="smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="Smiley">', '<img src="smileys/icon_razz.gif"  alt="Smiley">', 
'<img src="smileys/icon_sad.gif" alt="Smiley">', '<img src="smileys/icon_cry.gif" alt="Smiley">', 
'<img src="smileys/icon_question.gif" alt="Smiley">', '<img src="smileys/icon_evil.gif" alt="Smiley">', '<img src="smileys/icon_confused.gif" alt="Smiley">', '<img src="smileys/icon_cool.gif" alt="Smiley">');

// Translation part ends.
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