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phpFlickr - Changelog

Version 2.1.0

2006-11-21 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Updated the buildPhotoURL method to 
      reflect recent changes in the Flickr API.  Also added the 
      photos_getFavorites method and added pagination arguments 
      to photosets_getPhotos..
2006-11-21 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added the activity methods.
2006-10-18 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added the tags_getHotList method.
Version 2.0.0

2006-09-29 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    IMPORTANT: This version will not be 100% backwards compatible.
        It may very well break older apps if you try to copy it over
        an older version of phpFlickr.  Be sure you test thoroughly.

    * phpFlickr.php: Updated class to use Flickr's Serialized PHP 
        format.  Also, I revamped the error handling and caching.
        Fixed a bug in file uploading.
    * xml.php: Deleted.
    * xml_SAXY_parser.php: Deleted.

Version 1.6.1

2006-09-01 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Changed the license to the LGPL and
        implemented my friendly geodata service.

Version 1.6

2006-08-29 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Implemented the new comment and geocoding
        API methods.

2006-08-04 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: added support for new API methods. Also,
        added useSAXY method to switch to the SAXY parser.
    * xml.php: Changed parser so that it uses PHP's XML functions
        by default, but you can choose to use SAXY if you may run
        into unusual characters.  Using SAXY requires alot more
        memory for your scripts.

Version 1.6-beta

2006-06-19 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * xml.php: Replaced PHP's XML functions with the SAXY_Parser
        class to remove the problems with unusual characters that
        PHP's functions created.
2006-06-15 Dan Coulter <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added support for the new photo replacement API.

Version 1.5.2

2006-05-07 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added privacy_filter parameter to 

2006-03-13 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed bugs in contacts_getList and 
        contacts_getPublicList when they are returned with one 

Version 1.5.1

2006-03-13 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added support for flickr.photos.comments.getList
2006-03-11 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug in photos_licenses_setLicense()

Version 1.5

2006-02-15 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Implemented support for 23's compatible API.
        Implemented flickr.groups.search method.  Fixed bug in
        filesystem caching for PHP versions older than 4.3.0.
        Stopped caching from changing the working directory.
        Included support for HTTP proxy servers.

Version 1.4.3

2006-01-05 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added interestingness_getList() method.
        Fixed a bug in favorites_getPublicList() that made it
        return less data than it should have.  Note: This
        means that you need to adjust any calls to this function.
	* xml.php: Added Escape character to replacements so that the 
		XML parser will not barf.

2005-12-16 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug in photosets_getPhotos() 

Version 1.4.2

2005-12-13 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Removed extra useless code from 
        Added photo deletion method: photos_delete().  
        Removed old authentication function login().  Flickr 
        has removed the old auth style from the API.  The only
        way to authenticate now is through the auth() function.

2005-12-12 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug setting the PEAR include path
        in Windows.

2005-12-10 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug that would cause database
        caching to fail in Windows.

Version 1.4.1

2005-12-02 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added "user_id" parameter to the 
        groups_pools_getPhotos() method.  Note, because of the 
        placement in the Flickr API documentation, this make break 
        some older applications.  The third parameter must be 
        the user_id.
    * phpFlickr.php: Changed buildPhotoURL() to use the new URL 
        scheme for photo files.
    * xml.php: Fixed the bug that was causing an "undefined 
        index" notice. 
2005-11-15 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: fixed a session bug and added the "extras" 
        parameter to photosets_getPhotos.

Version 1.4

2005-09-19 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug in getCached() to remove an extra
        database call that was being made.  Avast!

2005-09-18 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added support for uploading.  Both synchronous
        and asynchronous uploading have been implemented.
Version 1.3.3

2005-09-18 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added support for flickr.photos.getAllContexts.
        Adjusted behavior of certain methods to make results more consistant.
        Added callMethod() function for generic access to methods. Made sure
        that methods that set data do not cache the results.

2005-09-14 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added support for flickr.photos.licenses.setLicense. 

2005-09-08 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Changed variable definition from $error_num
        to $error_code.

2005-09-07 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed bug in photos_getNotInSet(). 

2005-08-23 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed file system detection. 

Version 1.3.2

2005-08-17 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug in the include paths and a bug 
      that was causing the cache not to work.
2005-08-16 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added filter parameter to contacts_getList().

2005-08-10 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added support for flickr.people.getUploadStatus
2005-08-11 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * xml.php: Fixed a bug that removed all newline characters from the
        XML returned from Flickr.

Version 1.3.1

2005-08-05 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * auth.php: Updated to use Flickr's extra callback argument for the 
        redirect instead of a session variable.

2005-08-04 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Included code to add the packaged PEAR folder
        in the include path.

Version 1.3

2005-07-22 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added support for the new authentication scheme.
        Added the three new auth methods plus the phpFlickr::auth() function
        to act as a simple authentication check.
        Fixed bugs in the error handling functions.
    * README.txt: Fixed several typos relating to photos_search() and to
        the PEAR prereqs. 

Version 1.2.1

2005-06-30 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added a comment to the photos_search() method to 
        help people know how to use it. 
    * README.txt: Fixed several typos relating to photos_search() and to
        the PEAR prereqs. 

2005-06-23 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug in the buildPhotoURL method that caused 
        an invalid URL to be returned.
    * phpFlickr.php: removed the login parameters from the constructor
        and added "die_on_error" parameter.  Added login() and two error
    * README.txt: Edited text about constructor's parameters and included 
        information on new login method.

Version 1.2

2005-06-12 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Created functions for the new methods: photosets.addPhoto
        and photosets.removePhoto.  Also fixed some code formatting.
    * phpFlickr.php: Changed URLs to reflect the new phpflickr.com site.
    * README.txt: Changed URLs to reflect the new phpflickr.com site and added
        a few notes about coding.
    * example.php: Added an example php script.
2005-06-11 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Fixed a bug in the definition of groups_pools_getPhotos()
        that made the fifth parameter not optional.
Version 1.1

2005-06-09 Dan Coulter  <hide@address.com>
    * phpFlickr.php: Added caching functionality
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