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<?php defined("SYSPATH") or die("No direct script access.") ?>
<div class="g-block">
  <img src="<?= url::file("modules/digibug/images/digibug_logo.png") ?>" alt="Digibug logo" class="g-right"/>
  <h1> <?= t("Digibug photo printing") ?> </h1>
  <div class="g-block-content">
      <?= t("Turn your photos into a wide variety of prints, gifts and games!") ?>
      <li class="g-module-status g-success">
        <?= t("You're ready to print photos!") ?>
      <?= t("You don't need an account with Digibug, but if you <a href=\"%signup_url\">register with Digibug</a> and enter your Digibug id in the <a href=\"%advanced_settings_url\">Advanced Settings</a> page you can make money off of your photos!",
          array("signup_url" => "http://www.digibug.com/signup.php",
                "advanced_settings_url" => html::mark_clean(url::site("admin/advanced_settings")))) ?>
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