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//FreiChatX - Dutch language
//English is the primary language
//Do not use space but nbsp;
//If you have copied this file and you are making your own
//language then please write in the format similar to

    $frei_trans['cb_head']           =          'Gebruikers';
    $frei_trans['g_prefix']          =          'Gast-';
    $frei_trans['pwdby']             =          'Powered By';
    $frei_trans['noline']            =          'Niemand Online';
    $frei_trans['noperms']           =          'LogIn&nbsp;Voor&nbsp;Chat!';
    $frei_trans['on_offline']        =          'Haal...Gebruikerslijst..Op<br/>Verbinding met DataBase<br/>..............................';
    $frei_trans['go_online']         =          'Ga Online';
    $frei_trans['go_offline']        =          'Ga Offline';
    $frei_trans['go_invisible']      =          'Ga Onzichtbaar';
    $frei_trans['go_busy']           =          'Ga Bezet';
    $frei_trans['newmesg']           =          'Nieuw Bericht! Van';
    $frei_trans['restore_drag_pos']  =          'Herstel Posities';
    $frei_trans['status_txt']        =          'Verander Status';
    $frei_trans['opt_txt']           =          'Extra Opties';
    $frei_trans['onOfflinemesg']     =          'Klik Om Te Chatten!';

    $frei_trans['plugin_transdisable']  =       'Uitschakelen';
    $frei_trans['plugin_trans_orig']    =       'Origineel Bericht:';

    $frei_trans['titles_translate']     =       'Vertaal';
    $frei_trans['titles_upload']        =       'Verstuur&nbsp;bestand';

    $frei_trans['status_online']        =       'U bent online';
    $frei_trans['status_busy']          =       'U bent bezet';
    $frei_trans['status_invisible']     =       'U bent onzichtbaar';
    $frei_trans['status_offline']       =       'U bent offline';

         return 1;
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