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//If you have changed name of any images in your custom theme folder dont forget
//  to change them here
// Note: argument.php and css.php are connected
// Do not used and forward or backward slash unless the images are within
// subfolders

$chatroomimg = 'chatroom.jpeg';
$gchatimg = 'gchat.jpg';
$mailimg = 'mail.gif';
$saveimg = 'save.gif';
$arrowimg = 'arrow.png';
$smileyimg = 'smiley.png';
$translatedisabledimg = 'translatedisabled.png';
$translateimg = 'translate.gif'; //Minimize image
$minimg = 'min.png'; //Minimize image
$maximg = 'max.png'; //Maximize image
$closeimg = 'close.png'; //Close image
$deleteimg = 'delete.jpeg'; //Delete image
$onlineimg = 'online.png'; //Online Image status
$busyimg = 'busy.png'; //Busy Image status
$invisibleimg = 'invisible.png'; //Invisible Image status
$logoutimg = 'logout.gif'; //Logged out Image
$offlineimg = 'offlineimg.png'; //Offline Image status
$offline = 'offline.gif'; //Offline Image status
$restoreimg = 'restore.png'; //Offline Image status
$btomimg = 'btom.png'; //Image for chatbox and inputbox of chatwindow
$btopimg = 'btop.png'; //Image for chathead of chatwindow
$newtopimg = 'newtop.png'; //Image for chathead on new message arrival
$bmidimg = 'bmid.png'; //Image for chatbox content of chatwindow
$optimg = 'opt.gif';   //Image on the chatbox for options
$toolimg = 'tool.png';   //Image on the chatbox for tools
$uploadimg = 'upload.png'; //Image for sending files
$fnopermsht = 36; //Height When user has no permissions
$fnoonlineht = 15; //Height When No one is online
$fonlineht = 100; //Height When Users are online
$fmaxht = 200;
$jquery_theme = 'ui-lightness'; //jquery ui theme
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