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        /* FreiChatX parameters */

         define('RDIR', dirname(__FILE__));

  if(@$_SERVER["HTTPS"] == "on")
      $protocol = "https://";
      $protocol = "http://";


        $PATH = 'freichat/'; // Use this only if you have placed the freichat folder somewhere else
	$show_name=$parameters['show_name']; //you can have guest or user
        $displayname=$parameters['displayname']; //you can have username / name(nickname)
        $show_module=$parameters['show_module']; //you can have'visible' or'hidden'
        $chatspeed=$parameters['chatspeed']; //Do not change this value
        $fxval=$parameters['fxval']; //Set it to false if you do not want animations
        $conflict=$parameters['conflict']; //Jquery Conflicts 'true' or ''
        $msgSendSpeed=$parameters['msgSendSpeed']; //Message are sent after 1 second of post, reducing it will increase FreiChatX message sending speed but also will send more requests to the server! NOTE:: Do not decrease it below 1000
        $show_avatar=$parameters['show_avatar']; //Can have block or none

        $debug=$parameters['debug']; //option for debugging ,default is false
        $css=$freichat_theme; //background color
        $color=$css; //colour for chatbuttons
        $lang=$parameters['lang']; //Language please do not include .php here only file name

        $load=$parameters['load']; //chatbox
        $dyncss='disable'; //template patch
        $evnixpower='visible'; //powered by evnix
        $time=$parameters['time']; //In seconds

        $JSdebug=$parameters['JSdebug']; // Javascript debug info shown in firebug (firefox extension). No quotes around true or false
        $busy_timeOut=$parameters['busy_timeOut']; //In seconds user will be switched to busy status
        $offline_timeOut=$parameters['offline_timeOut']; //In seconds user will be switched to offline status

        /*FreiChatX plugin parameters*/
        // File sending
        $file_size_limit=$parameters['plugins']['file_sender']['file_size']; //In Kilobytes
        $expirytime=$parameters['plugins']['file_sender']['expiry']; //In minutes after which the uploaded files will be deleted
        $valid_exts=$parameters['plugins']['file_sender']['valid_exts']; //valid extensions separated by comma
        $playsound = $parameters["playsound"];

		$show_translate_plugin = 'enabled';

		//Chatroom plugin
		$show_chatroom_plugin = 'disabled';

                //Video Chat plugin    
                $show_videochat_plugin = 'disabled';  //Pending !!
		//coversation save
                $show_save_plugin = 'enabled';

                $show_smiley_plugin = 'enabled';
		//send conversation plugin
                $show_mail_plugin = 'enabled';

	/* Here allow or noallow can be used to grant and prohibit permissions respectively */

            $ACL = array(
            'FILE' => array(          /* File upload/send plugin */
            'user' => 'allow',
            'guest' => 'allow'

            'TRANSLATE' => array(
            'user' => 'allow',
            'guest' => 'allow'

            'SAVE' => array(
            'user' => 'allow',
            'guest' => 'allow'

            'SMILEY' => array(
            'user' => 'allow',
            'guest' => 'allow'

            'MAIL' => array(
            'user' => 'allow',
            'guest' => 'allow'
            'VIDEOCHAT' => array(
            'user' => 'noallow',
            'guest' => 'noallow'                

            /* ACL PERMISSIONS */

         /* To ensure boolean is parsed */

                if($debug == "true")
                    $debug = true;
                    $debug = false;


                if($JSdebug == "true")
                    $JSdebug = true;
                    $JSdebug = false;

        /* Data base details */

 /* NOTE:= Below setting only applies to users using custom driver*/
        $usertable='users'; //specifies the name of the table in which your user information is stored.
        $row_username='name'; //specifies the name of the field in which the user's name/display name is stored.
        $row_userid='id'; //specifies the name of the field in which the user's id is stored (usually id or userid)
	$avatar_field_name = 'avatar';
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