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                             --X--My Personal To Do List--X--

1. Multiple Tabs Not updated- Solution do not use recd but time [SOLVED!]

2. Create drivers for Drupal,WordPress, etc [done]

3. Change min image to max and hide trash image when chat window is minimized [Done!]

4. Better Doumentation and read me [done!]

5. Show chatbox option in backend[done]

6. Themes option in backend[done]

7. Show css file in backend And other backend parameters. [Done]

8. Busy away online offline status to be added [Done!]

9. Chat containers i.e freicontain update by oldest to be closed [Done!]

10. Option to choose both guests and registered AND only registered [Done!]

11. In built Translation [Done!]

12. Pin FreiChat and go anonymous [Done!]

13. Sending and recieving files [Done!]

14. VOIP

15. Resizable chatbox [Not possible!]

16. Arguments for themes[done]

17. Languages Added [Done]

18. Make freichat.js pure javascript based [done]

19. Add Avatar  [done]

20. Add Community Builder driver [done]

21. Add CBE driver[done]

22. Long username issue fix[Done]

23. Make it Work in IE[Done]

24. FreichatX debugging [Done]

25. Add phpBB driver [Done]

26. Separate CSS for every style [Not Sure!]

27. Option for name/username [Done for Joomla]

29. Option for friends in CBE and JCB [Done!]

30. Allow new lines and remove goAnonymous [Done!]

31. Remove All conflicts with help of objects [Done!]

32. Solve the Draggable problem [Done!]

33. Reduce requests as much as possible [Will Go On forever!]

34. Logged out can post messages, z-index problem , option for avatar, new message
    focus problem in chrome. [Done All!]

35. Show online users count [Done]

36. Image change on new message [Done]

37. Quick installation [Done for Joomla]

38. Major draggable bug [Done]

39. Unicode Support [Done]

40. improved minimize and maximize and plenty css issues and order of online list [Done]

41. Auto increase width with name length

42. File should get encrypted name before uploading .

43. Block parallel requests with .complete [Done!]

/* 6 minor 4 major bugs*/
/* CSS changed lot compatibilty */

BUG::  z-index for opera

44. Auto install joomla,drupal,wordpress driver
45. Improved HTML CSS AGAIN!
46. ADDED spanish,dutch language
47. Installation made better CLass
48. File upload security [Done!]
49. XHASH security [Done!]
51. ADODB removed [Done]
52. Queries combined [Done almost]
53. mEssages are not recieved properly 20x.cc when tested very fast
54. Smiley on the fly
55. Save option messages
56. send saved conversation by email
57. invalid install uid when module install not used
58. Looks like PhpBB doesnt has if statement for reducing resources in its driver in getdbdata()
59. Google clickable url bug solved replace ' by "
60. www./https Same origin policy
61. Backward compatibility for themes
Solved str replaces chrome bugs

FreichatX 5.2 
62 JS tweaks 
63 Freichat in any directory and path to it i mean outside joomla
64 Custom message feature added.

New message title should not be changed when the user is offline
Segregate javascript.
segregate PHP
recieve messages in multiple tabs too

UTF-8 support for custom mesg [Done]
Translate plugin [verify its working properly]
Documentation for custom driver
custom driver working now!
changed fromname to Me
mesg on same line
JS & CSS improvement

63.  ...Wait I am Thinking....
function completeWork(work)
 Didwork=DoWork; //Work is complete
 return completed_work;

Once gone busy chances of user to get deleted [done]
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