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Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008 Elmar Wenners

* = changed
+ = added
- = removed
! = comments

Version     : 2.2.9_R1
released on : 23-06-2008
* small bug fixed in UK lang file (reported and fixed by coreyspeed)

Version     : 2.2.9
released on : 23-06-2008
* cart doesn't get emptied when checking out. instead it's status changes. better, for historical purposes
* multiple products per row on the frontpage
* md5 encrypted passwords (mod by sermoa)
* xpertmailer dropped, I now use 'email'. an excellent PHP class
- PDF's no longer get mailed as attachment. Instead, it's offered as a download at checkout
* full customer details on order confirmation
* extra pages are now sorted alphabeticly
+ pdf icon added to order list for quick access to pdf (admin and customer list)
+ discount codes
+ optionally show/hide out of stock products
+ optionally show/hide stock amount under product description 

Version     : 2.2.8
released on : 03-04-07
* admins can now change their username, customers can not (to prevent mistakes)
* thumbnails can be larger then 127x127 due to a database change
* pricelist sorting (price or description) can be set from settings
* now features can also correctly decrease the product price (tweak by Onixs)
* more feature news: you can now add an empty feature, that will create a textbox that customers can fill in
  ideal for texts on shirts, domain names, etc
+ show the number of items in a customers cart in the customer admin page
+ the adminscreen now shows the number of customers, admins, products and orders (the last one shows: orders that need your attention/total amount or orders)
* updated the search code; it now also searches in the product ID
* default country is remembered when saving a shipping method
* fixed the mailinglist; now it actually looks if a customer wants it or not
+ added a filemanager to TinyMCE to allow upload of pictures (thanks to Anns)
* template system is made more flexible thanks to Den Walterfang
* sales mail and webmaster mail fields are larger so multiple addresses can be added, seperated by ;
+ added autosubmit function. if enabled and the payment method supports it, a customer will be redirected automaticly to the payment portal of the selected payment method, for example the paypal site
+ always shows the username of logged in user in the topmenu
+ the shop now creates a PDF of the order and mails it as an attachment to the customer
* fixed the sql error presented when leaving the searchfield empty (bug reported by Dronix)
* you can now also add pages (pagesadmin) that are hidden. useful for pages you need for return urls for payment methods and such

Version     : 2.2.7_R2
released on : 20-12-07
* in my hurry to fix the hack, I made an error in my code. This update fixes that

Version     : 2.2.7_R1
released on : 20-12-07
* only optimize tables with the prefix that was specified (code by Safemode)
* fixed a very important bug. hackers could use a cookie grabber to get admin login

Version     : 2.2.7
released on : 10-10-07
* max order amount changed from 999 to 9999
* thumbsize from max 99x99 to 999x999 on popular request
+ added an errorlog
+ table prefix so if you install freewebshop in a database in which are already other tables, it will not cause a confict
* you can no longer remove the main admin (user id 1)
* bug fixed in customer admin. now showing the joindate correct
* better email address check in contact form and customer registration
+ abillity to search customers on their last name
* customer list is now ordered alphabaticly on lastname
* orders are no longer saved as [webid] but as [webid].php with an added first security line to prevent others from reading the files
* order confirmation via email is changed. it no longer contains the entire order confirmation, but merely a link to the online order due to payment portal html problems
+ product weight (for shipping costs)
+ weight classes in shipping methods
+ dynamic calculation of total weight and correct shipping costs
+ accesslog, which logs who tried to login with what data, and if it was succesful
* customer login must now be alphanumeric (to prevent the - and ' character related sign in problems)
* when a customer joins, they get the option to receive the newsletter/mailing
+ a mailinglist creator, which lists all email adresses of customers who want to recieve your mailing
+ ordering directly from pricelist, in addition to ordering from product details
+ reports if there is news from freewebshop.org in the admin console using a Notification
+ datefix, for php5 users who get a lot of datewarnings in their errorlogs
* fixed checkout bug introduced in 2.2.7; number of products ordered was ignored on order confirmation - bug found by Genius
* updated the login procedure to make it more secure
* login and logout now use the correct css file

Version     : 2.2.6
released on : 28-07-07
+ cart preview in menu
+ guest can put products in cart before making an account or logging in
+ WorldPay support
* cart bug (concerning thumbnails) fixed
* order administration and customer administration both are paginated ([1] 2 3)
+ currency position can be set: $1234 or 1234$
* WYSIWYG can now be turned off
+ WorldPay integration
+ Google Checkout integration
* auto logout after 1 hour for customers AND admins for better security
* Implemented a template system. You can now make custom templates and switch between them from administration
* Default template updated
* Print order now uses same stylesheet as the shop does
* New icons for customeradmin. No longer resized icons, but high quality small icons
+ additional costs for features is now possible:
+ added STATE to customer table 
+ extra pages can be added to the menu from the admin screen

Version     : 2.2.5
released on : 08-04-07
+ optional captcha for contact form and customer registration
* if a search result has multiple pages, the next pages now also work
* (re)uploading of a product picture (no ID error) is now fixed
+ basket preview in left menu, with total quantity and total amount
* cart bug fixed: when stock is enabled and you have 2x product X in
  cart, and the current stock is 2, you get an error when you try add 1x product X
+ added an optional nicer picture popup for large images
+ added product features like size, color, etc

* numerous small fixes

Version     : 2.2.4
released on : 22-01-07
* wrong FROM address in email send to new customer
* NULL values in empty fields with new customers
* browse.php: products that have 0 stock can now be seen by admins
* minor security fix in orderadmin.php
+ browse.php now support multiple pages, number of products per page can be set
  in administration
+ page description can be added, for better search engine indexing
* page with New products can optionally be switched off
* WYSIWYG can optionally be turned off
+ added support for auto-generation of thumbnails when uploading pictures
* fixed iDeal payment module (and added a HOWTO to the doc folder)
* numerous small fixes
* install routine now detects double installs
* WYSIWYG editor can be set to simple and advanced

Version     : 2.2.3
released on : 09-11-06
* page inclusion fixed (hackers could include other files on the server)
* a few small fixes

Version     : 2.2.2
released on : 03-11-06
* fixed bug in orderadmin, 2 strings got switched
* countries.txt is extended (thanks Newbs)
* small bug fixed in UK and NL language concerning double HTTP strings

! this release has been rushed into a security patch, so sorry there are
  real new features
* fixed numerous security related issues

Version     : 2.2.1
released on : 16-10-06
+ Added WYSIWYG to editor (TinyMCE)
+ SMTP mail option added (edit settings.inc.php if you are updating from version 2.x)
* Unable to change countries and banlist in v2.2 (fixed)
* Unable to change shipping settings in v2.2 (fixed)
* Error when loggin out in v2.2 (fixed)
* Customers can register using existing names, too short passwords, etc in v2.2 (fixed)
* Updated order email to customer has some bugs in v2.2 (fixed)
* Categories show wrong number of products when out of stock in v2.2 (unknown)
* SQL errors when trying to change/delete shipping and payment options? (fixed)
* Not able to add products to shopping cart (fixed)
* Error opening personal page (when not admin) (fixed)
* HTML stipped from product descriptions in browse, cart and checkout

Version     : 2.2
released on : 21-09-06
* Removed all HTML make-up, thus improving the readability of the code by 100%
+ Better CSS: everything from page setup to coloring can be set in the CSS file
* Changed shipping and payment settings; new method provides optimal flexibility
  by allowing you to add your own payment options (including portals like paypal)
  and shipping options
* Fixed picture name issues
* Character set is setable from settings
+ An "about us" page, optional, setable from the Admin screen
* REAL live news.. from now it reads the latest news of the freewebshop.org homepage
* Smarter and better admin screen and settings screen > more readable, less options
* Many small bugfixes

Version     : 2.1.1 hotfix
released on : 03-06-06
* Stock amounts getting updated properly
* Default language can be changed back from 'uk'

Version     : 2.1
released on : 02-06-06
+ option to enable thumbs in pricelist
* fixed bug in cart and checkout. some php versions don't like empty ID's
* if a picture is resized in the details page, you get a link which opens the fullsize picture
* stripslashes added to adminedit to prevent ' to be saved as \' , etc
* updated installation file, so the right folders and files get CHMODDED (whichs seems to be an issue)
* using charset=ISO-8859-1. if your language is not supported in this charset, please edit header.php
* saving orders in html so I can use the charset as well, emails now also get send in html for proper charset handling
* customizable keywords, on which search engines will find your shop
* live news can be disabled by removing the file "live_news" from your server (on some servers the live news gave loading problems)

Version     : 2.0.3 hotfix
released on : 21 may 2006
* bugfix in printorder.php and readorder.php (thanks to Tiago Ramalho)
+ added Portuguese language files (thanks to Tiago Ramalho)
* fixed hide menu in orderadmin.php
* many more bugs fixed that were reported on the forums

Version     : 2.0
released on : 14 may 2006
* NAME CHANGE! UltraShop (already widely used on the internet) is now known as
  FreeWebshop.org (with corresponding website www.freewebshop.org)

Version     : 1.2
released on : released end march 2006
* highlighting of selected product category in menu (browse.php, menu.php)
* background link fixed (header.php)
* small bugfix in uk.txt, concerning the email title of the contact-form
* added icons for fax, phone and mail to contact.php
+ pictures can now be on a remote server, this disables the uploading functionality ofcourse
* changed some table widths
+ added 5 configurable options, so the table SETTINGS in the database is altered
* submenu.php is now called categories.php and uses a gif instead of a jpg file
* almost every php file has had changes, because the header and footer where altered

Version     : 1.1b
released on : 21-feb-2006
* major bugfix in checkout.php. when stock amounts are enabled, ordering failes when
  trying to update the new stock in database
* support forum link added to about.php
! next version will most likely have PayPal support

Version     : 1.1a
released on : 18-feb-2006
* 2 minor but needed bugfixes in main.php and productadmin.php in relation to product ID's with spaces

Version     : 1.1
released on : 16-feb-2006
* fixed the mySql dump reader (both install.php and uploadadmin.php)
* in menu the cart shows the number of items in the users cart
* cart bug fixed. product id length adjusted so longer id's will still get into cart
* date format is changeble in settings (mm-dd-jjjj or dd-mm-jjjj)
* join date of customer is saved for later reference
* menu branch shows how many products it holds:
  > Harddisks
    > Maxtor (9)
    > Western Digital (10)
* too big product pictures get auto resised if over 350x350
* customer can add additional notes to an order
* small number formatting related fixes in order screens
! tested under IE7 Beta2. works perfectly
* besides JPG images, uploading GIF images for categories and products is also possible. additionally it no longer uses the database id
  of products as the filename, but it uses the product ID given by the admin (row[1] instead of row[0]). it still uses
  the database id for categories
* submenu displayes logo's above the brands, instead of the other way around
* menu displays groups and categories in hidden tables, so categories with multiple lines won't messup the menu
* name of bank can now be added in settings screen
* max lenght of groups and categories fixed. groups is now 30, categories 40
Version     : 1.0
released on : 15-jan-2006
! first public release
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