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  if(isset($_REQUEST[session_name()])) {
    // There is a session already available
  } else {
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
			[FreeSMS: Login]
    <SCRIPT src="../scripts/tools.js" language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>
		<!--LINK HREF="../styles/crc_page_style.css" REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css"-->
		<LINK HREF="../styles/crc_main.css" REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css">
	<BODY onload="javascript:login.username.focus();">
			// This is the main bosy of the web page. The page 
			// is broken down into 3 groups as follows:
			// - The "Page Header" where the logo should be placed
			//   and anything else that is to be seen on every page.
			// - The "Page Content" where the content text of the
			//   page is to be placed for users to see.
			// - The "Page Footer" where the closing statements
			//   such as webmaster email and any closing statements
			//   should be placed. Again this will be seen on every page.
			// Note that all this should be placed within a table 
			// containing 3 rows respectively.			
			<TABLE width="100%">
				<!-- The Page Header -->
						include "data/crc_page_header_band.html";

				<!-- The Page Content -->
						include "data/crc_login_main.html";
				<!-- The Page Footer -->
						include "data/crc_page_footer_band.html";

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