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						 You have accessed the Free Student Management System's (FreeSMS) demonstartion Website. Here
						 you will find resources and information regarding FreeSMS.

						Since it's development in 2003, FreeSMS has successfully offered educational organizations
						an easy to use and effective facility to manage courses, teachers and students.
						FreeSMS provides the following features: <br>
							<li>Manage courses within a class environment
							<li>Sopport for profile based management: Administrator, Teacher and Student
							<li>Online teacher and student registration
							<li>Allow students to self manage class enrollment
							<li>Allow teachers to manage student attendance
							<li>Ability for students to submit course evaluations
						From a technical perspective FreeSMS is based on PHP4 and requires a MySQL database. This 
						demonstration site has been tested on: <br> 
							<li>Apache 1.3.33 (<a href="http://www.apache.org">www.apache.org</a>)
							<li>PHP 4.3.9 (<a href="http://www.php.net">www.php.net</a>)
							<li>MySQL 4.1.7 (<a href="http://www.mysql.com">www.mysql.com</a>)
						In order to install FreeSMS, please follow the following instructions: <br>
							<li><b>Download FreeSMS</b>
								FreeSMS can be downloaded at 
								<a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/freesms/">FreeSMS Download</a>.
							<li><b>Extract FreeSMS</b>
								Now that you have a zip file, you need to extract it a directory in the 
								path of your web server root (or have an alias setup). For example if 
								the path to your web server's document root is "C:\www" than you need
								to create a folder "C:\www\freesms" and extract all the files into that 
							<li><b>MySQL Server Database Setup</b>
								The first step required is to setup the MySQL database for FreeSMS
								usage. I personally prefer 
								<a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmyadmin/">MyPhpAdmin</a>.
								Using MyPhpAdmin craete a databse called 'crcdb'. Using MyPhpAdmin's SQL window open the 
								<a href="mysql/crc_database_setup.sql">Database Setup Script File</a> and
								modify line 27, 28 and 33 to suit the username and password to manage FreeSMS. 
								After modifying your user information, run the script. Me sure to run the 
								SQL script against the 'crcdb' database. You should now
								have a working database for FreeSMS.
								The database setup is now done, we now need to proceed to setup
								the FreeSMS configuration script(s) as pere the next instruction
							<li><b>Configure PHP Script</b>
								We now need to setup the primary configuration file that FreeSMS
								requires to successfully administer the application. In the directory
								"[Install Directory]/classes/" you fill find a file crc_constants.mod.php. 
								Open this file and modify lines 19, 20, 22 and 23 to reflect the connection
								parameters that needs to be used when FreeSMS interacts with the MySQL database.
								Once thie file has been modified approprietly, you can now use one of the links
								below to login into FreeSMS, enjoy!

						To continue, please select one of the resource links provided below: <br>
							<li><a href="pages/crc_login.php"><b>Teacher Registration System</b></a> (for those who want to volunteer for teaching)
							<li><a href="pages/crc_login.php"><b>Student Registration System</b></a> (for those who want to enroll in a course)
							<li><a href="faq/index.php"><b>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)</b></a>
						 I hope that you find FreeSMS usefull. If you have any further questions or comments please
						 do not hesitate to check out the postings on the project page or email me directly at
						 hide@address.com For thos of you who would like to help out, I am looking for
						 volunteers on this project, please send me an email.
						 Thank You, <br>
						 Shaffin Bhanji <br> 
						 FreeSMS Project Developer.<br>

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