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<p>on line help: home page</p>
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<p>Province of Gorizia  </p>
<p style='margin-left:35.4pt' >It&#x2019;s an Open Source software (distribuited with GPL license) freeware for
education. It can be installed on a private web server (if in your school there is an Intranet network) or public
 (hosted by an Internet Service Provider ).
 <p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>FreeSchool is a modular utility software. When installed on a public or
            private server, it employs conventional web interfaces to provide various services to every school
            component (students, teachers, school administrative-technical-auxiliary staff). No knowledge of
            information technology is required. The interfaces are easy to use, both when consulting and updating
            the database. Freeschool consists in a valuable alternative to finite commercial options.
            To those schools which are unable to develop or evaluate the different choices on the market, freeschool
             offers a homogeneous public solution. It proposes the introduction of new functions or the implementation
              of the existing ones, according to the needs. Only the authorized users can access the software.
            <p style="margin-left:35.4pt">Freeschool gives the possibility to shift language. The original version
            offers the following choices: Italian, English, Slovenian. It&#x2019;s possible to add other languages
            by simply editing XML text files and adding their translation into the desired language. To allow the
            largest font compatibility, the software uses the encoding UTF-8. It uses server web Apache,
            database MySQL and the following programming language PHP, XML, Javascript, XHTML and CSS.
            <p style="margin-left:35.4pt"><ins><b>Services currently available</b></ins></p>
            <p><b>Teaching material data bank</b></p>
            <p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>In this module teachers can insert and publish documents, lessons,
            reports, exercises concerning their own didactic area.

<p><b>Library data bank</b></p>
<p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>It allows users to record and search books present in the school libraries.
The availability of books for loans is displayed in real time.
<p>  <img width="300" height="193"  src="./biblioteca/images/screen_searchs.gif"  alt="search"/>   </p>

<p><b>School year scheduled activities</b>  </p>
<p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>This form enables users to manage the agenda for a school department by the
publication of the scheduled activities. It&#x2019;s also possible to add, update and delete the appointments
scheduled for the school year.
<p>  <img width="300" height="193"  src="./calendario/images/cal_search_it.gif"  alt="search"/> </p>

<p><b>Information pages on  timetables </b></p>
<p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>The timetable module provides the timetables of teachers, lessons, classes,
laboratories, special classrooms and the teachers' consulting hours.
            <p><img width="300" height="193"  src="./orari/images/ora_forins2.gif"  alt="search"/></p>
            <p><b> Circulars data bank </b></p>
            <p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>Where the school circulars can be inserted and be consulted.
            The presence of filters for content, date, number and type (e.g. circular addressed to students,
            to teachers, etc.) make search easier for any user.</p>
            <p>  <img width="300" height="193"  src="./circolari/images/screen_search.gif"  alt="search"/>   </p>
            <p><b>Modules data bank </b></p>
            <p style="margin-left:35.4pt">Where all the modules generally used for the several activities
            (requests for photocopies, project forms, permits, etc.) are available. Any user can view/print
             the modules on line. There are four user categories: students, families, teachers, school
              administrative-technical-auxiliary staff.</p>
            <p>  <img width="300" height="193"  src="./modulistica/images/screen_search.gif"  alt="search"/>   </p>
            <p><b>Management of users, schools, passwords data bank  </b></p>
<p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>It is a module reserved to the administrator. It allows the application
administrator to insert, modify and delete the basic information required for user authentication and authorization.
 An anonymous user doesn't need any authorization to access the system, whilst users that have to modify contents
 must have an authorization for the access.</p>

<p><b>Tools: import </b>  </p>
<p style='margin-left:35.4pt'>Useful to import data from external files into the tables present in the program
(e.g. teacher list, library books, etc.)</p>

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