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; 1st listed format gets emailed

pbxskip=yes              	; Don't put [PBX]: in the subject line
serveremail=hide@address.com		; Who the e-mail notification should appear to come from
fromstring=Voicemail System 	; Real name of email sender
maxmessage=180          	; max length of vm message
minmessage=3			; Minimum length of a voicemail message in seconds
maxsilence=5            	; Wait for 5 silent seconds and end the voicemail
silencethreshold=128     	; What do we consider to be silence
skipms=3000			; How many miliseconds to skip forward/back when rew/ff in message playback
review=yes			; Allow sender to review/rerecord their message before saving it
operator=yes			; Allow caller to press 0
nextaftercmd=yes		; Automagically play next message when current message is deleted or saved

; If using Asterisk 1.6 and ARI or other sources for mail, you should set pollmailboxes to
; yes and pollfreq if you want to change the default 30 sec polling
; If using IMAP storage, the username and password are specified in the user/extension  
; configuration, while the global settings are here 
;imapserver=server.domain.com      ; Specify the IP address or hostname of the IMAP server 
;imapflags=notls      ; Specify any IMAP flags needed here ("notls" for example) 
;imapfolder=Inbox      ; Specify the IMAP folder where voicemails and/or greetings are stored 
;expungeonhangup=yes      ; Mark messages for deletion on hangup 
;imapgreetings=yes      ; Store greetings in IMAP as well 
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