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><b style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Freedomeditor</b> basic <b style="color:black;background-color:#99ff99">requirements</b>:<br />

<br />

    <li>Webserver with <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.php.net/" rel="nofollow">PHP</a> 5++. (If you just want to use the software on your own home windows machine, try Xamp from <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://apachefriends.org/" rel="nofollow">www.apachefriends.org</a>, it will set you up in a second, you only need to disable magic quotes in php.ini). If you are not developing on a local machine then make sure noone else can access the development environment core client, or (files in) it's folder. If you won't, you will get exotic problems caused by exotic attacks.</li>
    <li><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://mozilla.com" rel="nofollow">Firefox</a> Browser (adviced atleast firefox 3, with web developer and firebug plugins). (No offense to any other browsers). For extensive developing, wingrep can be useful at times: www.wingrep.com</li>
<li>Fontforge for alot of font conversion support</li>		
<li>Zend framework for phplivedocX doc(x)-rtf-txd conversion support</li>		
<li>Antiword + ps2pdf for .doc to .ps (postscript) to .pdf conversion support (note that antiword is 2004 software therefore might not work correctly/at all with .doc files from more recent Word versions)</li>


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