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version 3.0

feature added - web-int - Added column for Domain.
feature added - web-int - Inserted a "Current Users" status.
feature added - web-int - Inserted a "Rows Returned" status.
feature added - web-int - added link to computer name to computers shared resources (only works in IE)
feature added - web-int - added titles(tooltips) to all links to describe what they do.
feature added - web-int - all web-interface output is now W3C XHTML 1.0 compliant.
feature added - web-int - Rewrote search script to accommodate a more SQL type search.
feature added - convert.pl - added to convert old data files to 3.0 format.
feature added - fwnua-exe - Added collection of current domain name.
change - fwnua.exe - simplified data output and file creation.
change - fwnua.exe - removed windows specific functions to simplify data collection.
change - web-int - config.php now contains config data.
change - web-int - entire interface was rewritten in PHP to compensate for search speed issues.
bugfix - fwnua.exe - does not execute if trailing backslash is left off.
bugfix - web-int - sort.js now properly sorts date, time, and ip addresses.

version 2.2

bug fix - web-int - Error searching logs via date.

version 2.1

bug fix - web-int - Error searching logs via time.
bug fix - web-int - Error searching logs via date.
update documentation.

version 2.0

re-wrote the FWNUA main executable in C language.
re-vamped web interface graphics and appearance.
bug fix - web interface incorrectly parsed computer names with spaces.
added search types to web interface.
added a smarter sort filter.
changed logfile output from text file to comma delimited format.
added login status to web interface.
added command line arguments to the FWNUA executable.
removed the need to use a path.ini file.
simplified installation process.
rewrote documentation for new version.

version 1.0
Initial Release!  w00t!
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