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  $fp_plugins = array(
  	// to disable put // or # before the plugin name
  	// remove it to enable :)
	'jquery',	//needed by ligthbox2 (quite heavy in size)
	'lightbox2', //fancy usable img overlay effect, needs jquery
	'thumb',	//creates thumbnails adding scale=NN% to [img] tags :)
  	'bbcode', 	// bbcode-style formatting; if you disable this 
  				// you'll loose some features, but you will be able to use xhtml 
  				// as a default
	//'syntaxhighlighter',//fancy js to color code
  	'qspam',	// quick spam filter
  	// 'akismet',	// powerful antispam; requires you to have a wordpress api key
  					// open the plugin file to set your key 
	//'calendar', //time consuming, not really recommended :p
	//'lastcomments', // cache-based last-comments block 
	//'prettyurls', //rename htaccess.txt in BLOG_ROOT to enable EXPERIMENTAL

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