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<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Creating WAP Documents</TITLE>
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    <TABLE width=600 border=0 cellpadding="10" cellspacing="1" bgcolor="#009900">
        <TD><b><font color="#FFFFFF" size="4">myNews - A little How-To</font></b></TD>
      <TR valign="top"> 
        <TD bgcolor="#FFFFFF"  face=Tahoma, Arial> <FONT size=2> </FONT> <FONT size=2> 
          </FONT> <FONT size=2> </FONT> 
          <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0">
              <td colspan="2">About</td>
            <tr valign="top"> 
              <td width="10%"><font size=2>topic: <br>
                author: <br>
                source: <br>
                version: <br>
                update: <br>
                licence: <br>
                PHP: <br>
              <td width="90%"><font size=2>News management tool based on Files 
                -> myNEWS<br>
                Copyright (c) by Urs Gehrig<br>
                2.1.0 <br>
                24-01-2001 <br>
                GPL <br>
                php-4.0.0-win32 </font></td>
              <td colspan="2">Install</td>
              <td colspan="2"> 
                <p><font size=2>handling: add, modify, del, insert news-articles 
                  into a file and display <br>
                  them on your toppage of your website. <br>
                  Attention: Put the data-folder above the web-root where it is 
                  hidden from <br>
                  external manipulation. </font><br>
              <td colspan="2">History</td>
            <tr valign="top"> 
              <td colspan="2"><font size=2> 
                <p> // - V2.1.0: (24-01-2001) <br>
                  // > added include, wap and doc folders <br>
                  // > generate now your wml-files for mobile phones from myNews 
                  // > removed passwd.txt file and moved password/login pairs 
                  to config.php<br>
                  // - V2.0.4: (26-11-2000) <br>
                  // > config.inc.php and rss.php files added <br>
                  // > modified index.php and shared.inc.php with rdf_export() 
                  function. this will <br>
                  // function exports an RSS compliant channel file mynews.rdf 
                  to the data folder. <br>
                  // - V2.0.3: (14-08-2000) <br>
                  // > added example files zoom.php and list_all_news.php <br>
                  // > added a "home" link in the header <br>
                  // > myStyle renamed to style <br>
                  // - V2.0.2:<br>
                  // > modifications in html tables for a better look&feel in 
                  netscape <br>
                  // > modified cookie-login <br>
                  // > timestamp to force the browser to refresh the pages after 
                  modification <br>
                  // > moved mynews.txt to a seperate directory, called data <br>
                  // - V2.0.1: <br>
                  // > added cookie-login <br>
                  // > myCONTpath renamed to myDataFile <br>
                  // - V2.0.0: <br>
                  // > listALL() function removed due to redundsancy <br>
                  // - V1.2.3: <br>
                  // > id|datum|titel| ... removed from content file <br>
                  // > automatic stringreplacement to avoid an unwanted delimiter 
                  in the data <br>
                  // > created mynews.inc.php -> including all functions <br>
                  // > page index for list and headline commands <br>
                  // > modify from headline -> zoom <br>
                  // - V1.2.2: <br>
                  // > initial published release <br>
                  // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
                  // <br>
                  // to start, extraxt the compressed file run the index.php file. 
                  use <br>
                  // login = test <br>
                  // password = test <br>
            <tr valign="top"> 
              <td colspan="2">TODO</td>
            <tr valign="top"> 
              <td colspan="2"><font size=2>- multilingual package <br>
                x adding more security <br>
                x active/inactive an article by selecting a tick in the list<br>
                - a html-tag editor for non-html users <br>
                - a page wrapper like on search-engines </font></td>
          <FONT size=2>
          <P>&nbsp; </P>
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