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1|31.5.2000|Urs|urs @circle.ch |Bern|Schweiz|http://www.circle.ch|Für Einsteiger genau die richtige Anwendung. Beiträge können in eine Datei geschrieben werden. Der Administrator kann einzelne Einträge löschen. Das tolle am Gästebuch ist die Anzahl-Seiten-Anzeige, so wie sie bei vielen Suchmaschinen zu finden ist. So, ich wünsche viel Spass.|
2|31.5.2000|Urs|urs @circle.ch |derselbe|dasselbe|dieselbe|Und der zweite folgt sogleich.|
3|21.7.2000|Urs|urs @circle.ch||Switzerland|http://www.circle.ch|This is the release V1.0.1 of this lovely guestbook. I fixed some bugs and cleaned up some code. It should now work more properly, specially concerning the formatting of the text.<br><br>Feel free to modify and use this code but leave a reference to me. :-)<br><br>See you later. Urs|
4|2.8.2000|Urs|urs @circle.ch|||http://www.circle.ch|V1.0.2 -> multilingual package<br><br>it is now possible to edit a single file to configure your personal language package for this guestbook. please send your translations to me.<br><br>regards, urs|
5|2.8.2000|Urs|urs @circle.ch|||http://www.circle.ch|This is a new release V1.1.0 of myGBOOK! Please be aware, that it is no compatible with the older fileformat.<br><br>But you can add the following to each line, of your old data.txt.<br><br>1¦...<br>2¦...<br>3¦...<br><br>and so on.<br><br>This ID allows a better handling of the entry-lines in the data file.|
6|19.8.2000|Urs|urs @circle.ch|||http://www.circle.ch|V1.1.1 offers now:<br>> a confirmation email to the myGBOOK administrator on each new entry<br>> enable/disable of language selection through config.inc.php |
7|21.1.2001|Urs|urs @circle.ch|||http://www.circle.ch|> V 1.1.2: [21-01-2001]<br>> - added visitor (ip/host, time, lang) logging class in shared.inc.php.<br>> this will produce a logfile.txt into the data folder.<br>> you can specify unique logging and filename, location respectively.<br>> - spanish lang.es.php by Victor Espindoa |
8|10.3.2001|Urs|urs @circle.ch|||http://www.circle.ch|V 1.1.3: [10-03-2001]<br>- moved all languages to \'language\' folder<br>- moved config.inc.php and shared.inc.php to \'include\' folder<br>- modiefied config.inc.php and added a hash array for more easier understanding<br>- removed passwd.txt and added a login/passwd array in config.inc.php<br>- added 5 new languages: si, pt, br, sr and is. thanks to the translators!<br>|
9|13.9.2001|Urs|urs @circle.ch|||http://|Polish and French language files have been added.|
10|30.9.2001|Urs|urs @circle.ch|||http://|A norvegian language file has been added.|
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