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// Language file / English (EN)

$lang = array(
	'is_empty' => 'is empty',
	'security_settings' => 'Security settings',
	'accessible_by_groups' => 'Accessible by these groups',
	'back_to_main' => 'Back to main',
	'add' => 'Add',
	'apply' => 'Apply',
	'group' => 'Group',
	'directories' => 'Directories',
	'accessible_groups' => 'Accessible Groups',
	'folder_name' => 'Folder Name',
	'set_access' => 'Set access for this folder',
	'edit_folder' => 'Edit this folder',
	'delete_folder' => 'Delete this folder',
	'groups' => 'Groups',
	'group_name' => 'Group Name',
	'edit_group' => 'Edit this group',
	'delete_group' => 'Delete this group',
	'statistics' => 'Statistics',
	'number_of_admins' => 'Total number of Admins', 
	'number_of_subadmins' => 'Total number of Subadmins',
	'number_of_users' => 'Total number of Users in',
	'total_users_no_admins' => 'Total Users (excluding Admins/Subadmins)',
	'total_users_admins' => 'Total Users (including Admins/Subadmins)',
	'subscribed' => 'subscribed',
	'logs' => 'Logs',
	'total' => 'Total',
	'download' => 'download',
	'upload' => 'upload',
	'current_log' => 'in current log',
	'downloaded_at' => 'downloaded at',
	'downloaded_email' => 'downloaded via direct link in email',
	'in_the_last' => 'in the last',
	'days' => 'days',
	'days_dated' => 'days dated',
	'per_day' => 'per day or',
	'per_month' => 'per month',
	'oldest_record' => 'The oldest record in',
	'avg_total' => 'Average total',
	'based_on_last' => 'based on last',
	'log_is' => 'log is',
	'user' => 'User',
	'time' => 'Time',
	'ip' => 'IP',
	'extra_information' => 'Extra information',
	'you_want_to_reset_log' => 'You want to reset this log',
	'yes' => 'yes',
	'users' => 'Users',
	'real_name' => 'Real Name',
	'login' => 'Login',
	'username' => 'Username',
	'email' => 'Email',
	'email_address' => 'Email Address',
	'subscription' => 'Subscription',
	'upload2' => 'Upload',
	'admin' => 'Admin',
	'sub_admin' => 'Sub-Admin',
	'by' => 'by',
	'edit_user' => 'Edit this user',
	'delete_user' => 'Delete this user',
	'user_search' => 'User Search',
	'bulk_email' => 'Bulk Email',
	'recipient' => 'Recipient',
	'all_admins_subadmins_groups' => 'All Admins, Sub-Admins and Group Users',
	'all_admins' => 'All Admins only',
	'all_subadmins' => 'Sub-Admins only',
	'all_groups' => 'All Group Users only',
	'specific_groups' => 'Specific User Group',
	'from' => 'From',
	'subject' => 'Subject',
	'header' => 'Header',
	'message' => 'Message',
	'footer' => 'Footer',
	'submit' => 'Submit',
	'content_users_receive' => 'Below is the content of email that users will receive',
	'no_permission_to_upload_files' => 'Sorry, you do not have permission to upload files',
	'access_denied_reasons' => 'Access denied due to one of these reasons',
	'account_not_approved' => 'Your account is not approved',
	'not_qualified' => 'You are not qualified to access this level',
	'logged_in_as_guest' => 'You logged in as guest',
	'delete' => 'Delete',
	'pages' => 'Pages',
	'copy_file' => 'Copy this File',
	'you_are_here' => 'You are here',
	'bulk_delete_files' => 'Bulk Delete Files', 
	'bulk_delete_in_this_folder' => 'Bulk delete files in this folder',
	'before_this_date' => 'Bulk delete all files uploaded before this date',
	'after_this_date' => 'Bulk delete all files uploaded after this date',
	'on_this_date' => 'Bulk delete all files uploaded on this date',
	'upload_new_file' => 'Upload new file',
	'folder_does_not_exist' => 'Error. This folder does not exist. Please contact the Admin',
	'upload_settings' => 'Upload settings',
	'max_file_upload' => 'Max file upload size allowed',
	'bytes' => 'Bytes',
	'file_extensions_allowed' => 'File extensions allowed',
	'kb' => 'Kb',
	'mb' => 'Mb',
	'sign_up' => 'sign up',
	'not_registered' => 'If you have not registered, please',
	'retrieve_lost_password' => 'Retrieve lost password',
	'folders' => 'Folders',
	'message_from_admin' => 'Message from the Administrator',
	'the' => 'The',
	'last_uploaded_files' => 'last uploaded files',
	'date_added' => 'Date Added',
	'folder' => 'Folder',
	'file_description' => 'File Description',
	'file_size' => 'File Size',
	'uploaded_by' => 'Uploaded by',
	'file_type' => 'File Type',
	'action' => 'Action',
	'zip' => 'Compress and download this file',
	'folders_available' => 'Folders available to you',
	'retrieve_password' => 'Retrieve password',
	'login_info_has_been_sent' => 'Your login info has been sent to the email address you specified',
	'pending_files' => 'Pending Files',
	'confirm' => 'Confirm',
	'location' => 'Location',
	'edit_file' => 'Edit this file',
	'delete_file' => 'Delete this file',
	'move_file' => 'Move this file',
	'confirm_all' => 'Confirm All',
	'change_your_settings' => 'Change your settings',
	'search_descr' => 'Search file description',
	'search' => 'Search',
	'download_now' => 'Download Now',
	'go_to_folder' => 'Go to folder with this file',
	'search_result_for' => 'Search result for',
	'more_50_results' => 'The search found more than 50 results. Only the first 50 are shown. Please be more specific in your search',
	'settings' => 'Settings',
	'site_suspension' => 'Site Suspension',
	'enable' => 'Enable',
	'disable' => 'Disable',
	'disable_greeting_message' => 'Disable greeting message',
	'reset' => 'Reset',
	'update' => 'Update',
	'already_registered' => 'If you have already registered',
	'login_here' => 'login here',
	'you_subscribe_to' => 'You subscribe to',
	'earlier' => 'earlier',
	'a_new_item_has_been_uploaded' => 'A new item has been uploaded',
	'direct_download' => 'Direct download',
	'thank_you' => 'Thank you',
	'currently_unavailable' => 'is currently unavailable most probably due to scheduled maintenance',
	'come_back_later' => 'Please come back later',
	'access_denied' => 'Access denied. Only the Admins and Sub-admins can upload to this folder',
	'back' => 'Back',
	'there_is_an_error' => 'There is an error',
	'user_group_does_not_exist' => 'Access denied. Your user group does not exist. Please contact the Admin.',
	'upload_to' => 'Upload file to',
	'fill_all_fields' => 'You must fill all fields',
	'back_to_folder' => 'Back to folder',
	'thx_upload' => 'Thank you for uploading your file. Your file will be added to the archive after it is reviewed and approved by our staff',
	'auto_approve_group_message' => 'Welcome and enjoy the free file upload and download access.',
	'welcome_msg' => 'You logged in as Admin/Subadmin.',
	'new_user' => 'New user registered at the site',
	'contact_email' => 'Contact email',
	'approval_required' => 'Your approval is required',
	'aa_new_user' => 'New user registered at the site',
	'user_added_auto' => 'The user has been added to the user list automatically',
	'app_user' => 'Your account at the site',
	'has_accepted' => 'has been accepted',
	'aa_app_user' => 'Thank you for your sign up. Your account has been automatically approved. Please login now.',
	'new_file' => 'Newly uploaded file at the site',
	'filename' => 'File Name',
	'password' => 'Password',
	'description' => 'Description',
	'file_location' => 'File location',
	'app_file' => 'Your file at the site',
	'file_accepted' => 'has been accepted',
	'password_email' => 'Here is your account login info',
	'bulk_email_header' => 'This is bulk email text template for header',
	'bulk_email_footer' => 'This is bulk email text template for footer',
	'subscription_email_subject' => 'New file has been uploaded at',
	'subscription_email_additional_header' => 'The email header here.',
	'subscription_email_additional_footer' => 'The email footer here.',
	'main_menu_1' => 'Main Page',
	'main_menu_2' => 'Free Signup',
	'main_menu_3' => 'Login',
	'control_menu_1' => 'Folders',
	'control_menu_2' => 'Search',
	'control_menu_3' => 'Profile',
	'control_menu_4' => 'Users',
	'control_menu_pf_1' => 'Folders',
	'control_menu_pf_2' => 'Search',
	'control_menu_pf_3' => 'Profile',
	'control_menu_pf_4' => 'Users',
	'control_menu_pf_5' => 'Pending',
	'admin_menu_1' => 'Users',
	'admin_menu_2' => 'Groups',
	'admin_menu_3' => 'Directories',
	'admin_menu_4' => 'Folders',
	'admin_menu_5' => 'Search',
	'admin_menu_6' => 'Bulk Email',
	'admin_menu_7' => 'Settings',
	'admin_menu_8' => 'Logs',
	'admin_menu_pf_1' => 'Users',
	'admin_menu_pf_2' => 'Groups',
	'admin_menu_pf_3' => 'Directories',
	'admin_menu_pf_4' => 'Folders',
	'admin_menu_pf_5' => 'Search',
	'admin_menu_pf_6' => 'Bulk Email',
	'admin_menu_pf_7' => 'Settings',
	'admin_menu_pf_8' => 'Logs',
	'admin_menu_pf_9' => 'Pending',
	'user_menu_1' => 'Folders',
	'user_menu_2' => 'Search',
	'user_menu_3' => 'Profile',
	'logout_menu_1' => 'Logout',
	'group_installed' => 'group has been installed. Please remove this file to prevent unauthorized access to your database',
	'new_group_called' => 'This will install a new group called',
	'group_into_db' => 'into your database',
	'group_make_sure' => 'Make sure you do not have any existing group called',
	'overwrite_table' => 'as this will overwrite the table',
	'group_not_named' => 'If you sure that you do not have group named',
	'click_to_continue' => 'click here to continue',
	'bulk_email_sent' => 'Bulk Email has been sent to',
	'emails' => 'emails',
	'copy' => 'Copy',
	'copy_to' => 'Copy to',
	'copy_file' => 'Copy file',
	'select_destination_folder' => 'Select destination folder',
	'no_move_this_file' => 'You cannot move this file to "Root Folder".',
	'delete_own_files' => 'You can only delete your OWN files!',
	'cannot_copy_to_root' => 'You cannot copy this file to "Root folder".',
	'index' => 'Index',
	'file' => 'File',
	'auth_failed' => 'Authorization failed',
	'not_move_to_own' => 'You cannot move the folder to it\'s own',
	'move' => 'Move',
	'move_to' => 'Move to',
	'move_file' => 'Move file',
	'send' => 'Send',
	'malicious_code' => 'Please do not enter any malicious code',
	'email_is_empty' => 'Email is empty',
	'email_format' => 'Email format is not correct',
	'email_exist' => 'Email already exists',
	'email_not_exist' => 'The email address does not exist',
	'update' => 'Update',
	'password_is_empty' => 'Password is empty',
	'realname_is_empty' => 'Real name is empty',
	'enter' => 'Enter',
	'company_name' => 'Company Name',
	'address_1' => 'Address 1',
	'address_2' => 'Address 2',
	'city' => 'City',
	'state' => 'State',
	'postcode' => 'Postcode',
	'country' => 'Country',
	'phone_number' => 'Phone Number',
	'sign_up' => 'Sign Up',
	'password_not_match' => 'Password does not match',
	'login_exist' => 'Login already exists',
	'new_on_site' => 'New user on site',
	'account_accept' => 'Your account accept',
	'type_not_allowed' => 'Empty field or file type not allowed',
	'php_ini' => 'Error on upload. If your filesize is smaller than the limit, please check the upload_max_filesize variable setting of the PHP configuration file, php.ini.',
	'enter_your_login' => 'Enter your login',
	'enter_your_realname' => 'Enter your Real Name',
	'file_select' => 'Select a file to upload',
	'retype_password' => 'Retype Password',
	'enter_subscription' => 'Enter subscription',
	'enter_filename' => 'Enter file name',
	'enter_welcome' => 'Enter text of welcome page',
	'accept' => 'Accept',
	'go' => 'GO',
	'no_email_notification' => 'No email notification sent if you accept the file here. To send email notification to subscribers, click on the "Confirm" link on folder page.',
	'delete_file_2' => 'Delete File',
	'edit_file_2' => 'Edit File',
	'delete_folder_2' => 'Delete Folder',
	'edit_folder_2' => 'Edit Folder',
	'delete_group_2' => 'Delete Group',
	'edit_group_2' => 'Edit Groups',
	'delete_user_2' => 'Delete User',
	'edit_user_2' => 'Edit User',
	'edit' => 'Edit',
	'add_folder' => 'Add folder',
	'folder_name' => 'Folder Name',
	'enter_folder_name' => 'Enter folder name',
	'enter_description_of_folders' => 'Enter Description of folders',
	'admin_upload_only' => 'Admin upload only',
	'set_value' => 'Set value',
	'parent_folder' => 'Parent Folder',
	'select_parent_folder' => 'Select parent folder',
	'add_group' => 'Add group',
	'enter_group_name' => 'Enter group name',
	'welcome_page' => 'Welcome Page',
	'log_access' => 'Access Log',
	'log_upload' => 'Upload Log',
	'log_download' => 'Download Log',
	'add_user' => 'Add User',
	'can_upload' => 'Can Upload',
	'allow_upload' => 'Allow upload',
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