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//Title of your file store
"SITE_TITLE"=>"File Store",

//Specify the FULL URL to the "filestore" folder.

//Specify the language of the File Store interface.
// "en" for English
// "br" for Portuguese
// "de" for German
// "es" for Spanish
// "it" for Italian
// "ru" for Russian
// "ua" for Ukrainian
"SITE_LANG" => "en"

//Database login info
define("DB_NAME", "mydatabase");
define("DB_HOST", "localhost");
define("DB_USER", "myusername");
define("DB_PASS", "mypassword");

//Database table name prefix. DO NOT change it. If you change it,
//you must also manually edit the file "dump.sql".
define("DB_PREFIX", "fstore_");

//FULL PATH to the "smarty" folder. Path should END WITH a slash.
//If you are not sure what the setting is, point your browser to the
//"path.php" file in the smarty folder. That is, point to:
define("SMARTYPATH", "/home/username/public_html/filestore/smarty/"); 

// include language file

//Maximum filesize allowed for file upload. Specify value in BYTES.
"max_size"=>"5242880", // 1Kb = 1024 ; 1Mb = 1048576  ;  5Mb =  5242880

// File extensions allowed
"ext"=>array("jpg", "gif", "png", "txt", "pdf", "htm", "html", "doc", "xls")

//The Administrator's email address
define("ADMIN_EMAIL", "hide@address.com");

//Location to the "data" file. You do not need to change this.
define("UPLOAD_DIR", "data/");

//Number of files listed per page
//To change the number, please edit the line $pager->setpagesize(20); in folder.php
//This is only available to commercial version. In demo version, it is fixed at 3 instead of 20.

//Admin and Sub-Admin may delete files posted by anybody.
//Do you want Users to be able to delete their OWN files?
$enable_user_delete = 1; //1 = yes, other = no.

//Enable the zip feature? Turn it off if file compression does not work in your
//server. This feature will not usually work if you have SAFE MODE turned on.
//PHP must be compiled with zlib ('--with-zlib') for this to work too.
$enable_zip = 1; // 1 = yes , other = no.

// Enable automatic approving on new sign up?
// 1 = No need approval. User approved automatically.
// 0 = Require approval from Admin or Subadmin.
// If you turn ON this feature by setting it to "1", DO NOT forget to run the
// "autoapprove_install.php" file after you have built the MySQL tables with
// "dump.sql". To run it, simply point to the "autoapprove_install.php" file
// with your browser.
// If you turn OFF this feature by setting it to "0", it is NOT compulsory to
// run the "autoapprove_install.php" file (especially for upgrade installation)
// although there is no harm running it.
$auto_approve_new_user = 1; 

//If you turn ON the auto-approve feature above, name your public folder.
//We strongly suggest that you leave it as "Public" (default value).
$auto_approve_group = 'Public';

//Auto-approve group message
$auto_approve_group_message = $lang['auto_approve_group_message'];

//If Users are auto-approved, will they have upload permission by default?
$auto_approve_upload= 1; // 1 = yes, 0 = no.

// Enable email notification for new user that needs approval
// 1 = send it
// 0 = don't send
$email_notification = 1;

// Welcome message in main page when someone login as Admin or Subadmin
$welcome_msg = $lang['welcome_msg'];

//If set to 0, the files uploaded by users will be added directly to the file list. 
//No approval from Admin or Subadmin required. If require approval, set to 1.
//If set to "0", the "Pending" page (the page that lists all files waiting to be approved)
//link will not show up on the left menu.
define("PUBLIC_APPROVED", 1);

define("ORDER_FIELD", "dateadd");
//define("ORDER_FIELD", "file_type");
//define("ORDER_FIELD", "descript");

//Ascending or Descending. UNCOMMENT ONLY ONE STRING!
//define("ORDERREC", "ASC");
define("ORDERREC", "DESC");

array("text"=>$lang['main_menu_1'], "url"=>"/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['main_menu_2'], "url"=>"/signup.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['main_menu_3'], "url"=>"/login.php")

array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_1'], "url"=>"/main.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_2'], "url"=>"/search.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_3'], "url"=>"/profile.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_4'], "url"=>"/control/users/index.php")

array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_pf_1'], "url"=>"/main.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_pf_2'], "url"=>"/search.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_pf_3'], "url"=>"/profile.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_pf_4'], "url"=>"/control/users/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['control_menu_pf_5'], "url"=>"/pf.php")

array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_1'], "url"=>"/control/users/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_2'], "url"=>"/control/groups/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_3'], "url"=>"/control/folders/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_4'], "url"=>"/main.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_5'], "url"=>"/search.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_6'], "url"=>"/bulkemail.php"),	// Bulk Mail menu item added by niotech
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_7'], "url"=>"/settings.php"),		// Settings menu item added by niotech
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_8'], "url"=>"/control/logs/index.php")

array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_1'], "url"=>"/control/users/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_2'], "url"=>"/control/groups/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_3'], "url"=>"/control/folders/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_4'], "url"=>"/main.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_5'], "url"=>"/search.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_6'], "url"=>"/bulkemail.php"),	// Bulk Mail menu item added by niotech
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_7'], "url"=>"/settings.php"),		// Settings menu item added by niotech
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_8'], "url"=>"/control/logs/index.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['admin_menu_pf_9'], "url"=>"/pf.php")

array("text"=>$lang['user_menu_1'], "url"=>"/main.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['user_menu_2'], "url"=>"/search.php"),
array("text"=>$lang['user_menu_3'], "url"=>"/profile.php")
$LOGOUT_MENU=array("text"=>$lang['logout_menu_1'], "url"=>"/logout.php");
//$LOGOUT_MENU=array("text"=>$lang['logout_menu_1'], "url"=>"?logoff=1");

//Letter to admin about new user
$NEW_USER=$lang['new_user']." ".$site_config["SITE_URL"]."\n\n".$lang['login'].": %s\n".$lang['contact_email'].": %s\n\n".$lang['approval_required'].".";

//Letter to admin about new user
$AA_NEW_USER=$lang['aa_new_user']." ".$site_config["SITE_URL"]."\n\n".$lang['login'].": %s\n".$lang['contact_email'].": %s\n\n".$lang['user_added_auto'].".";

//Letter to approved user
$APP_USER=$lang['app_user']." ".$site_config["SITE_URL"]." ".$lang['has_accepted']."."."\n\n".$lang['login'].": %s";

$AA_APP_USER=$lang['aa_app_user']."\n\n".$lang['login'].": %s";

//Letter to admin about new file
$NEW_FILE=$lang['new_file']." ".$site_config["SITE_URL"]."\n\n".$lang['filename'].": %s\n".$lang['description'].": %s\n".$lang['file_location'].": ".$site_config["SITE_URL"]."/folder.php?id=%d\n";

//Approve email
$APP_FILE=$lang['app_file']." ".$site_config["SITE_URL"]." ".$lang['file_accepted']."\n\n".$lang['filename'].": %s\n".$lang['description'].": %s\n";


//Specify the text display of link for the license/version check.
//This link will only appear in one page (the main page upon login).
//Use number from 1 to 20. If other number or blank is specified, “1” will be used by default.
//   <<< ***** Please see the "LANGUAGE_LINK.txt" for link text of other languages ***** >>>

define("LINKTEXT", "11");

			// 	1 – Powered by UPOINT dotINFO
			//	2 – Licensed by UPOINT dotINFO
			//	3 – Script by UPOINT dotINFO
			//	4 – Powered by UPOINT
 			// 	5 – Licensed by UPOINT 
			//	6 – Script by UPOINT
			//	7 – ? UPOINT dotINFO
			//	8 – Click here to check license validity
			//	9 – ? Version Check
			//	10 – Version Info
			//	11 – ? License Check
 			// 	12 – License Info
			//	13 – ? About
 			// 	14 – @1 File Store PRO
			// 	15 – About @1 File Store PRO
			// 	16 – ? Script License
			//	17 – ? We are against software piracy
			//	18 – ? We do not use pirated software
			//	19 – ? License & Version Info
			//	20 – ? Software Certificate

// Subscription email notification content
// ====================================================
define("SUBSCRIPTION_EMAIL_SUBJECT", $lang['subscription_email_subject']." ".$site_config["SITE_TITLE"]);
define("SUBSCRIPTION_EMAIL_ADDITIONAL_HEADER", $lang['subscription_email_additional_header']);
define("SUBSCRIPTION_EMAIL_ADDITIONAL_FOOTER", $lang['subscription_email_additional_footer']);
// By default, it is set to use the Adminstrator's email address above.
// To change, replace ADMIN_EMAIL with "hide@address.com" (with quotation marks).

//Bulk Email Template : Header Text
// ====================================================

// ====================================================
//Bulk Email Template : Footer Text

// New Signup: User profile fields. Turn on or off the user input (optional=0,required=1)
// Real name, email address, login username and password are required and cannot make optional.
// ====================================================
	"telephone"=>0   // Note that there is no ending comma at this last field.
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