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FiForms version 1.1 has had a complete overhaul since version 0.9.3, which
was released in 2005. We are planning to get back onto a regular update
and release schedule with this release. This is the first FiForms release 
which uses the FiForms XML as the primary application development method. 
Once the 1.1 release is out of Beta, the version 1.1 XML schemas will be 
frozen, and all new development of the XML language will take place in 
version 1.2. Also new in this release, we have switched from using the GNU 
LGPL to the GNU GPL. Since we anticipate that most developers will be
using FiForms XML to develop new applications, we do not except that this
change will have any significant impact on commercial or open-source
uses of FiForms, as distribution of applications developed purely in FiForms
XML is not restricted by the license of Framework.

Following are some of the significant changes in FiForms 1.1:

* Significant additions to the XML Application Framework and documentation.

* Changed license to the GNU GPL instead of the LGPL

* Added a web-based administration interface to create applications and forms,
  install application packages, and do simple administrative tasks from
  the browser.

* Added AJAX drop-down boxes and many javascript shortcuts to user interface
* Added and improved input boxes, including iNumber (for numbers), iDateTime
  (for date/time fields), and iFile (for images)

* Added the ability for users to sort and filter by columns

* Added paging to sheet view, so that very large recordsets can be displayed.

* Many changes made to the classes--applications written in 0.9.3 will likely
  require modifications to be made compatibile with version 1.1.

* Many changes were made to configuration syntax, including setup of modular
  applications. New configuration will likely need to be created when upgrading.

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