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<h2> Categories and Feed Me Links - What's The Story?</h2>

It is coming to pass that you can now file links in many categories
at once. This is something I've been talking about for a little
while, and I think it's a great answer to all the people who asked
for folders within folders (an idea which I always, for some reason,
objected to).

<p />
Some things to play with:
<p />

<big>new bookmarklet: <a href="<%= getBookmarklet() %>">Add Link 0.5</a></big><br />
&nbsp; &nbsp; (supports cancelling link adds and categorizing links in multiple folders)

<p />
the <a href="/categorize">categorizer</a> (this is the new funnel. the new bookmarklet uses this)
<p />

<hr />
some test pages:<br />
<a href="view-folder">view-folder</a> test page
<p />
<a href="view-link">view-link</a> test page
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