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<title> feedmelinks.com : how? </title>
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<p>(you should be using the <b>new</b> <a href="install">step-by-step VISUAL instructions</a>. so easy!)</p>

<div style="width:680px;">
so, all this stuff is neat, but it's no good unless you can
get to it easily. enter: the feedmelinks browser button. the whole
point of this thing is to make linking a site as easy as adding a
bookmark using your browser, or easier.<br />

<h4>how to add the feedmelinks button to your browser [for 
<a href="http://www.mozilla.org">Mozilla</a>,
<a href="http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/default.jsp">Netscape</a>,
<a href="http://www.opera.com/">Opera</a>, & 
<a href="http://microsoft.com/ie">Internet Explorer</a>] :

drag the big link below into your browser's "toolbar" as shown in
the screenshot below.  if that confounds you, you can also right-click
the link and do "Add to Favorites..." [in IE] / "Bookmark this Link"
[in Mozilla], or click and hold [mac] to add the link to your
bookmarks and then move it to your toolbar manually.
the latest feedmelinks button incorporates "funnelling;
just trust us, you love this.

<h2>Drag THIS LINK to your Toolbar -&gt; 
		<a href="javascript:Qr=document.location.href;xb71=prompt('title for link?');if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('link...',''))};if(Qr)location.href='http://feedmelinks.com/funnel?from=toolbar&op=submit&from=toolbar&name='+escape(xb71)+'&url='+escape(Qr)">add link</a>

<br />

(the old add-link button is still available, for historical purposes: <a href="javascript:Qr=document.location.href;xb71=prompt('title for link?');if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('link...',''))};if(Qr)location.href='http://feedmelinks.com/?from=toolbar&op=submit&from=toolbar&name='+escape(xb71)+'&url='+escape(Qr)"><b>add link</b></a>.)<br />
<br />

now you can add new sites to your big mess of links with one
single click, like a pro. wicked cool.  <a
href="mailto:hide@address.com">contact the helpdesk</a> if
you need assistance.</p>

<br />

<img src="img/browser-example" /><br />

now, go to a site you want to bookmark.
<br />

hit the add or add++ button and enter a title for the bookmark.
<br />

feedmelinks will ask for your passwd if you are not logged in, then add the site to your links and redirect you back to the page you were looking at.
<br />

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