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Feed Me Links

<h2>This link was corrupted, by no fault of yours.</h2>

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:12:28 -0400
From: jm3 / john manoogian III <hide@address.com>
To: certain-poor-hide@address.com
Subject: link corruption

it saddens me to announce that there was a data corruption problem
on feedmelinks due to my mistyping a SQL statement on the command
line with extra quotation mark. (i hate SQL). as a result, the URLs
of links added between 3/29 and 4/17 were corrupted. (no user data, link
comments, link names, folders, or other link meta information was

luckily, since all FML changes are logged, we know exactly how many
links were corrupted and exactly which ones. i have done a full restore
of the database to before the problem occurred, bringing the databse
back to a "clean" state, taken note of all the corrupted links, and
removed them to a separate "temp" database.

for each of the (21) users who were affected by the data problem,
i have created separate XLS spreadsheet files (available at
http://feedmelinks.com/the-lost-urls/ ), with your username as the
filename. this contains a raw listing of any corrupted links
owned by you for archival and repair purposes. if you like, you can
use these files to go back and re-create any missing links, as these
files show you the date, name, and folder for each corrupted  link.

i apologize for the error that caused this, and also for not having
a more recent backup. the backup was only two weeks old but it's
still inexcusable. (today i created an auto-running backup process
that will backup all FML data on a nightly/weekly/monthly basis,
so, insh'allah, we'll never be in this situation again.)

please <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">email me</a> if you have any problems, questions or concerns.

apologetically yours,

 john manoogian (3)  //  www.jm3.net // <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">mail</a>

       > > > <a href="http://www.feedmelinks.com">http://www.feedmelinks.com</a> < < <


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