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<title> feedmelinks.com : the ADD LINK button </title>
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<h1>Feed Me Links : ADD LINK button.</h1>

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<img src="img/the-button.gif" align="right" style="margin-left: 10px;" />
<b>Feed Me Links</b> keeps all your links so you can use them from any
computer or browser. You can share your links with anyone on the
web and check out what sites other people are linking to.  All of
this works by adding a new button to your browser called "Add Link".

When you visit on a site you want to remember, just click 'Add
Link'.  The Feed Me Links gnomes will prompt you to name the link and
will you save it to a folder of your choosing.  Never easier, you
salty gumshoe.

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<br />

<div style="border: 2px solid red; padding: 1em; margin-top: 2em; margin-bottom: 2em;">
<span class="head">To Get It:</span>
drag the skull to your browser's Links toolbar:  &nbsp;

<a style="color: white;" href="<%= getBookmarklet() %>"><img src="/img/icon.gif" alt="Add Link" align="middle" border="0" /> Add Link</a><br />

( * if you see "this link may not be safe", ignore it. Internet Explorer is not too smart about javascript. )

no software will be installed on your computer, and you will NOT
need to restart your computer or your browser. No animals were
harmed in the making of this shhht. </p> </div>

having trouble? don't know where your Links toolbar is? <br />
check out the <a href="install/verbose">full step-by-step instructions</a>.

. &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp;
. &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp;
. &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp;
. &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp;
. &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp;
. &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; . &nbsp; <br /> <br />

<br />
using Netscape or Mozilla? Then you'll love the handy-dandy Feed Me Links <a href="sidebars">SIDEBAR</a>. Holy God, YES.
<br />
<br />

you might ALSO like to install the handy-dandy button to <big><a href="javascript:void(Qr=prompt('keyword to search feedmelinks for:',''));if(Qr)window.location='http://feedmelinks.com/search?q='+escape(Qr)">search the links</a></big>.<br />
(same instructions as above, just drag the link to your browser bar)
<br />

<!-- (you can also view the <a href="how-confusing">original, slightly more confusing how-to instructions</a>.)


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