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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
	<title>phpDocumentor Parser Errors and Warnings</title>
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<div id="header">
	<div id="navLinks">
		[ <a href="classtrees_util.html">Class Tree: util</a> ]
		[ <a href="elementindex_util.html">Index: util</a> ]
		[ <a href="elementindex.html">All elements</a> ]
	<div id="packagePosition">
		<div id="packageTitle2">util</div>
		<div id="packageTitle">util</div>
		<div id="elementPath"> &middot; </div>

<div id="nav" class="small">
	<div id="todolist">
			<p><a href="todolist.html">Todo List</a></p>
	<div id="packages">
					<p><a href="li_util.html">util</a></p>


<div id="body">
	    	<a href="#Post-parsing">Post-parsing</a><br>
<a name="grid.php"></a>
<b>Warning on line 94</b> - DocBlock would be page-level, but precedes class "grid", use another DocBlock to document the file<br>
	<div id="credit">
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