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Structure of Web interface of Fast File Search

There are 2 types of PHP scripts
 - main pages
 - included files

- index.php
   Divides the screen into 2 frames.
- top.php
   The top frame with language selection.

Main Pages (in alphabetical order):
- admin.php
   A list of admins is displayed by this script. There is also a code
   for login, change password and logout.
- comment_del.php
   This is a page for confirmation of deleting a comment.
- comments.php
   This page displays the list of comments and also performs the adding
   and deleting of comments.
- ftp_del.php
   This script displays the question to confirm the delete/purge operation.
   The form is then sent to ftp_list.php which processes the form.
- ftp_host.php
   Loads the information about FTP server from database and provides
   a form for editing the values. It is also used for adding FTP servers.
   The form is then sent to ftp_list.php which processes the form.
- ftp_list.php
   The list of FTP servers is displayed. This script also performs
   the adding, editing, deleting and purging of FTP servers.
- search.php
   This page does the search and displays the results. It also logs
   the query into database.
- select.php
   User selects what (s)he wants to search on this page.
   Also the user search history is loaded from database and displayed.
- smb_list.php, smb_host.php, smb_del.php
   Similar to ftp_*

All these scripts use only the variables that are read by getvar function
in the beginning of the script.

Included scripts (in alphabetical order):
- access.php
   - verifies whether the admin ID (AID) sent by web browser is an ID
     of admin who is logged in. It also does the initial login by
     admin login and password.
   - sets the variables $REMOTE_ADDR, $AID, $rights, $now, $aid and $aid_url
- body.php
   - HTML code to finish the header and start the body of the page
- colors.php
   - definition of colors of all objects on the pages. It is done this way
     instead of CSS because some web browsers do not support CSS and
     pages would look horrible.
- config.php
   - includes vars.php, colors.php, lang.php
   - reads the config file
   - sets the configuration array $c
   - sets the variables $min_year, $max_year
- db.php
   - includes config.php, access.php
   - connects to database
   - sets the variables $db, $mdb, $connected2master
- foot.php
   - HTML code to finish the page
- head.php
   - header of the page
- help_edit.php
   - included by ftp_*, smb_*
   - Description what non-trivial columns mean.
- help_search.php
   - included by select.php
   - Description how to search.
- lang.php
   - includes one of the lang/* files
   - language selection and autodetection
   - sets the variables $lang, $encoding
- menu.php
   - code for the head of the window containing menu and the menu itself.
   - Script including this file can override the menu text by setting
     variable $ftp_list_text, $smb_list_text, $comments_text
- menu_end.php
   - HTML code to finish the window containing the menu
- vars.php
   - unquotes the variables when they are automatically quoted by PHP
   - provides several functions for reading variables of various types

Each of the main pages includes several files in this order:

+-- db.php +-- config.php +-- vars.php
|          |              +-- colors.php
|          |              +-- lang.php +-- lang/*.php
|          +-- access.php
+-- head.php
+-- body.php
+-- menu.php
+-- menu_end.php
+-- foot.php
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