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 * @files Base Controller class
 * @author Will Steinmetz
 * Copyright (c)2011, Ralivue.com
 * Licensed under the BSD license.
 * http://fabriqframework.com/license

class PathMap extends BaseMapping {
	public static function map_path() {
		// all basic mapping is done by parent class
		 * Define custom mapping below.
		 * Example: custom mapping may be used for a site containing user profiles.
		 *   A path to a user's profile might be http://example.com/profiles/username
		 *   For the above path, the controller would be profiles and the action
		 *   would like be read or show. The parent map_path() function will set
		 *   the controller properly, but will define the action as username. A
		 *   switch statement can be used to see if the controller is profile and if
		 *   so to set the 3rd argument of the arg parameter to username and the
		 *   action to read/show.
		switch(self::controller()) {
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