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// Spanish Language Module for joomlaXplorer (translated by J. Pedro Flor P.)
global $_VERSION;

$GLOBALS["charset"] = "iso-8859-1";
$GLOBALS["text_dir"] = "ltr"; // ('ltr' for left to right, 'rtl' for right to left)
$GLOBALS["date_fmt"] = "Y/m/d H:i";
$GLOBALS["error_msg"] = array(
	// error
	"error"			=> "ERROR(ES)",
	"back"			=> "Ir Atr&aacute;s",
	// root
	"home"			=> "El directorio home no existe, revise su configuraci&oacute;n.",
	"abovehome"		=> "El directorio actual no puede estar arriba del directorio home.",
	"targetabovehome"	=> "El directorio objetivo no puede estar arriba del directorio home.",
	// exist
	"direxist"		=> "Este directorio no existe.",
	//"filedoesexist"	=>  "Este archivo ya existe.",
	"fileexist"		=> "Este archivo no existe.",
	"itemdoesexist"		=> "Este art&iacute;culo ya existe.",
	"itemexist"		=> "Este art&iacute;culo no existe.",
	"targetexist"		=> "El directorio objetivo no existe.",
	"targetdoesexist"	=> "El art&iacute;culo objetivo ya existe.",
	// open
	"opendir"		=> "Incapaz de abrir directorio.",
	"readdir"		=> "Incapaz de leer directorio.",
	// access
	"accessdir"		=> "Ud. no est&aacute; permitido accesar este directorio.",
	"accessfile"		=> "Ud. no est&aacute; permitido accesar a este archivo.",
	"accessitem"		=> "Ud. no est&aacute; permitido accesar a este art&iacute;culo.",
	"accessfunc"		=> "Ud. no est&aacute; permitido usar esta funcion.",
	"accesstarget"		=> "Ud. no est&aacute; permitido accesar al directorio objetivo.",
	// actions
	"permread"		=> "Fracaso reuniendo permisos.",
	"permchange"		=> "Fracaso en Cambio de permisos.",
	"openfile"		=> "Fracaso abriendo archivo.",
	"savefile"		=> "Fracaso guardando archivo.",
	"createfile"		=> "Fracaso creando archivo.",
	"createdir"		=> "Fracaso creando Directorio.",
	"uploadfile"		=> "Fracaso subiendo archivo.",
	"copyitem"		=> "Fracaso Copiando.",
	"moveitem"		=> "Fracaso Moviendo.",
	"delitem"		=> "Fracaso Borrando.",
	"chpass"		=> "Fracaso Cambiando password.",
	"deluser"		=> "Fracaso Removiendo usuario.",
	"adduser"		=> "Fracaso Agragando usuario.",
	"saveuser"		=> "Fracaso Guardadno usuario.",
	"searchnothing"		=> "Ud. debe suministrar algo para la busqueda.",
	// misc
	"miscnofunc"		=> "Funci&oacute;n no disponible.",
	"miscfilesize"		=> "Archivo excede maximo tama&ntilde;o.",
	"miscfilepart"		=> "Archivo fue parcialmente subido.",
	"miscnoname"		=> "Ud. debe suministrar un nombre.",
	"miscselitems"		=> "Ud. no tiene seleccionado(s) ningun art&iacute;culo.",
	"miscdelitems"		=> "Est&aacute; seguro de querer borrar este(os) {0} art&iacute;culo(s)?",
	"miscdeluser"		=> "Est&aacute; seguro de querer borrar usuario '{0}'?",
	"miscnopassdiff"	=> "Nuevo password no difiere del actual.",
	"miscnopassmatch"	=> "No coinciden los Passwords.",
	"miscfieldmissed"	=> "Ud. fall&oacute; en un importante campo.",
	"miscnouserpass"	=> "Usuario o password incorrecto.",
	"miscselfremove"	=> "Ud. no puede borrarse a si mismo.",
	"miscuserexist"		=> "Usuario ya existe.",
	"miscnofinduser"	=> "No se puede encontrar usuario.",
	"extract_noarchive" => "The File is no extractable Archive.",
	"extract_unknowntype" => "Unknown Archive Type",
	'chmod_none_not_allowed' => 'Changing Permissions to <none> is not allowed',
	'archive_dir_notexists' => 'The Save-To Directory you have specified does not exist.',
	'archive_dir_unwritable' => 'Please specify a writable directory to save the archive to.',
	'archive_creation_failed' => 'Failed saving the Archive File'
$GLOBALS["messages"] = array(
	// links
	"permlink"		=> "PORMISOS CAMBIADOS",
	"editlink"		=> "EDITAR",
	"downlink"		=> "DESCARGAR",
	"uplink"		=> "ARRIBA",
	"homelink"		=> "HOME",
	"reloadlink"		=> "RECARGAR",
	"copylink"		=> "COPIAR",
	"movelink"		=> "MOVER",
	"dellink"		=> "BORRAR",
	"comprlink"		=> "ARCHIVAR",
	"adminlink"		=> "ADMINISTRAR",
	"logoutlink"		=> "SALIR",
	"uploadlink"		=> "SUBIR",
	"searchlink"		=> "B&Uacute;SQUEDA",
	"extractlink"	=> "Extract Archive",
	'chmodlink'		=> 'Change (chmod) Rights (Folder/File(s))', // new mic
	'mossysinfolink'	=> 'eXtplorer System Information (eXtplorer, Server, PHP, mySQL)', // new mic
	'logolink'		=> 'Go to the joomlaXplorer Website (new window)', // new mic
	// list
	"nameheader"		=> "Nombre",
	"sizeheader"		=> "Tama&ntilde;o",
	"typeheader"		=> "Tipo",
	"modifheader"		=> "Modificado",
	"permheader"		=> "Permisos",
	"actionheader"		=> "Acciones",
	"pathheader"		=> "Ruta",
	// buttons
	"btncancel"		=> "Cancelar",
	"btnsave"		=> "Grabar",
	"btnchange"		=> "Cambiar",
	"btnreset"		=> "Restablecer",
	"btnclose"		=> "Cerrar",
	"btncreate"		=> "Crear",
	"btnsearch"		=> "Buscar",
	"btnupload"		=> "Subir",
	"btncopy"		=> "Copiar",
	"btnmove"		=> "Mover",
	"btnlogin"		=> "Login",
	"btnlogout"		=> "Salir",
	"btnadd"		=> "A&ntilde;adir",
	"btnedit"		=> "Editar",
	"btnremove"		=> "Remover",
	// user messages, new in joomlaXplorer 1.3.0
	'renamelink'	=> 'RENAME',
	'confirm_delete_file' => 'Are you sure you want to delete this file? \\n%s',
	'success_delete_file' => 'Item(s) successfully deleted.',
	'success_rename_file' => 'The directory/file %s was successfully renamed to %s.',
	// actions
	"actdir"		=> "Directorio",
	"actperms"		=> "Cambiar permisos",
	"actedit"		=> "Editar archivo",
	"actsearchresults"	=> "Resultado de busqueda.",
	"actcopyitems"		=> "Copiar art&iacute;culos(s)",
	"actcopyfrom"		=> "Copia de /%s a /%s ",
	"actmoveitems"		=> "Mover art&iacute;culo(s)",
	"actmovefrom"		=> "Mover de /%s a /%s ",
	"actlogin"		=> "Login",
	"actloginheader"	=> "Login para usar QuiXplorer",
	"actadmin"		=> "Administraci&oacute;n",
	"actchpwd"		=> "Cambiar password",
	"actusers"		=> "Usuarios",
	"actarchive"		=> "Archivar item(s)",
	"actupload"		=> "Subir Archivo(s)",
	// misc
	"miscitems"		=> "Art&iacute;culo(s)",
	"miscfree"		=> "Libre",
	"miscusername"		=> "Nombre de usuario",
	"miscpassword"		=> "Password",
	"miscoldpass"		=> "Password Antiguo",
	"miscnewpass"		=> "Password Nuevo",
	"miscconfpass"		=> "Confirmar password",
	"miscconfnewpass"	=> "Confirmar nuevo password",
	"miscchpass"		=> "Cambiar password",
	"mischomedir"		=> "Directorio Home",
	"mischomeurl"		=> "URL Home",
	"miscshowhidden"	=> "Mostrar art&iacute;culos ocultos",
	"mischidepattern"	=> "Ocultar patr&oacute;n",
	"miscperms"		=> "Permisos",
	"miscuseritems"		=> "(nombre, directorio home, mostrar art&iacute;culos ocultos, permisos, activar)",
	"miscadduser"		=> "a&ntilde;adir usuario",
	"miscedituser"		=> "editar usario '%s'",
	"miscactive"		=> "Activar",
	"misclang"		=> "Lenguaje",
	"miscnoresult"		=> "Resultado(s) no disponible(s).",
	"miscsubdirs"		=> "B&uacute;squeda de subdirectorios",
	"miscpermnames"		=> array("Solo ver","Modificar","Cambiar password","Modificar & Cambiar password", "Administrador"),
	"miscyesno"		=> array("Si","No","S","N"),
	"miscchmod"		=> array("Propietario", "Grupo", "P&uacute;blico"),
	// from here all new by mic
	'miscowner'			=> 'Owner',
	'miscownerdesc'		=> '<strong>Description:</strong><br />User (UID) /<br />Group (GID)<br />Current rights:<br /><strong> %s ( %s ) </strong>/<br /><strong> %s ( %s )</strong>',

	// sysinfo (new by mic)
	'simamsysinfo'		=> 'eXtplorer System Info',
	'sisysteminfo'		=> 'System Info',
	'sibuilton'			=> 'Operating System',
	'sidbversion'		=> 'Database Version (MySQL)',
	'siphpversion'		=> 'PHP Version',
	'siphpupdate'		=> 'INFORMATION: <span style="color: red;">The PHP version you use is <strong>not</strong> actual!</span><br />To guarantee all functions and features of eXtplorer and addons,<br />you should use as minimum <strong>PHP.Version 4.3</strong>!',
	'siwebserver'		=> 'Webserver',
	'siwebsphpif'		=> 'WebServer - PHP Interface',
	'simamboversion'	=> 'eXtplorer Version',
	'siuseragent'		=> 'Browser Version',
	'sirelevantsettings' => 'Important PHP Settings',
	'sisafemode'		=> 'Safe Mode',
	'sibasedir'			=> 'Open basedir',
	'sidisplayerrors'	=> 'PHP Errors',
	'sishortopentags'	=> 'Short Open Tags',
	'sifileuploads'		=> 'Datei Uploads',
	'simagicquotes'		=> 'Magic Quotes',
	'siregglobals'		=> 'Register Globals',
	'sioutputbuf'		=> 'Output Buffer',
	'sisesssavepath'	=> 'Session Savepath',
	'sisessautostart'	=> 'Session auto start',
	'sixmlenabled'		=> 'XML enabled',
	'sizlibenabled'		=> 'ZLIB enabled',
	'sidisabledfuncs'	=> 'Non enabled functions',
	'sieditor'			=> 'WYSIWYG Editor',
	'siconfigfile'		=> 'Config file',
	'siphpinfo'			=> 'PHP Info',
	'siphpinformation'	=> 'PHP Information',
	'sipermissions'		=> 'Permissions',
	'sidirperms'		=> 'Directory permissions',
	'sidirpermsmess'	=> 'To be shure that all functions and features of eXtplorer are working correct, following folders should have permission to write [chmod 0777]',
	'sionoff'			=> array( 'On', 'Off' ),
	'extract_warning' => "Do you really want to extract this file? Here?\\nThis will overwrite existing files when not used carefully!",
	'extract_success' => "Extraction was successful",
	'extract_failure' => "Extraction failed",
	'overwrite_files' => 'Overwrite existing file(s)?',
	"viewlink"		=> "VIEW",
	"actview"		=> "Showing source of file",
	// added by Paulino Michelazzo (hide@address.com) to fun_chmod.php file
	'recurse_subdirs'	=> 'Recurse into subdirectories?',
	// added by Paulino Michelazzo (hide@address.com) to footer.php file
	'check_version'	=> 'Check for latest version',
	// added by Paulino Michelazzo (hide@address.com) to fun_rename.php file
	'rename_file'	=>	'Rename a directory or file...',
	'newname'		=>	'New Name',
	// added by Paulino Michelazzo (hide@address.com) to fun_edit.php file
	'returndir'	=>	'Return to directory after saving?',
	'line'		=> 	'Line',
	'column'	=>	'Column',
	'wordwrap'	=>	'Wordwrap: (IE only)',
	'copyfile'	=>	'Copy file into this filename',
	// Bookmarks
	'quick_jump' => 'Quick Jump To',
	'already_bookmarked' => 'This directory is already bookmarked',
	'bookmark_was_added' => 'This directory was added to the bookmark list.',
	'not_a_bookmark' => 'This directory is not a bookmark.',
	'bookmark_was_removed' => 'This directory was removed from the bookmark list.',
	'bookmarkfile_not_writable' => "Failed to %s the bookmark.\n The Bookmark File '%s' \nis not writable.",
	'lbl_add_bookmark' => 'Add this Directory as Bookmark',
	'lbl_remove_bookmark' => 'Remove this Directory from the Bookmark List',
	'enter_alias_name' => 'Please enter the alias name for this bookmark',
	'normal_compression' => 'normal compression',
	'good_compression' => 'good compression',
	'best_compression' => 'best compression',
	'no_compression' => 'no compression',
	'creating_archive' => 'Creating Archive File...',
	'processed_x_files' => 'Processed %s of %s Files',
	'ftp_header' => 'Local FTP Authentication',
	'ftp_login_lbl' => 'Please enter the login credentials for the FTP server',
	'ftp_login_name' => 'FTP User Name',
	'ftp_login_pass' => 'FTP Password',
	'ftp_hostname_port' => 'FTP Server Hostname and Port <br />(Port is optional)',
	'ftp_login_check' => 'Checking FTP connection...',
	'ftp_connection_failed' => "The FTP server could not be contacted. \nPlease check that the FTP server is running on your server.",
	'ftp_login_failed' => "The FTP login failed. Please check the username and password and try again.",
	'switch_file_mode' => 'Current mode: <strong>%s</strong>. You could switch to %s mode.',
	'symlink_target' => 'Target of the Symbolic Link',
	"permchange"		=> "CHMOD Success:",
	"savefile"		=> "The File was saved.",
	"moveitem"		=> "Moving succeeded.",
	"copyitem"		=> "Copying succeeded.",
	'archive_name' 	=> 'Name of the Archive File',
	'archive_saveToDir' 	=> 'Save the Archive in this directory',
	'editor_simple'	=> 'Simple Editor Mode',
	'editor_syntaxhighlight'	=> 'Syntax-Highlighted Mode',

	'newlink'	=> 'New File/Directory',
	'show_directories' => 'Show Directories',
	'actlogin_success' => 'Login successful!',
	'actlogin_failure' => 'Login failed, try again.',
	'directory_tree' => 'Directory Tree',
	'browsing_directory' => 'Browsing Directory',
	'filter_grid' => 'Filter',
	'paging_page' => 'Page',
	'paging_of_X' => 'of {0}',
	'paging_firstpage' => 'First Page',
	'paging_lastpage' => 'Last Page',
	'paging_nextpage' => 'Next Page',
	'paging_prevpage' => 'Previous Page',
	'paging_info' => 'Displaying Items {0} - {1} of {2}',
	'paging_noitems' => 'No items to display',
	'aboutlink' => 'About...',
	'password_warning_title' => 'Important - Change your Password!',
	'password_warning_text' => 'The user account you are logged in with (admin with password admin) corresponds to the default eXtplorer priviliged account. Your eXtplorer installation is open to intrusion and you should immediately fix this security hole!',
	'change_password_success' => 'Your Password has been changed!',
	'success' => 'Success',
	'failure' => 'Failure',
	'dialog_title' => 'Website Dialog',
	'upload_processing' => 'Processing Upload, please wait...',
	'upload_completed' => 'Upload successful!',
	'acttransfer' => 'Transfer from another Server',
	'transfer_processing' => 'Processing Server-to-Server Transfer, please wait...',
	'transfer_completed' => 'Transfer completed!',
	'max_file_size' => 'Maximum File Size',
	'max_post_size' => 'Maximum Upload Limit',
	'done' => 'Done.',
	'permissions_processing' => 'Applying Permissions, please wait...',
	'archive_created' => 'The Archive File has been created!',
	'save_processing' => 'Saving File...',
	'current_user' => 'This script currently runs with the permissions of the following user:',
	'your_version' => 'Your Version',
	'search_processing' => 'Searching, please wait...',
	'url_to_file' => 'URL of the File',
	'file' => 'File'
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