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XPM3_POP3 :: <i>mixed</i> <b>receive</b> ( <i>resource</i> connection, <i>integer</i> start [, <i>integer</i> length ] )
Returns ARRAY if has been successfully recived, FALSE if not.

Get information about message(s) order by old to last mail received.
The order of message(s) is like in "substr()" function from PHP.

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$open = XPM3_POP3::Connect('pop.hostname.tld', 'username', 'password');

$recv = XPM3_POP3::Receive($open);       // &lt;- get all mesages
$recv = XPM3_POP3::Receive($open, -1);   // &lt;- get the last 1 mail
$recv = XPM3_POP3::Receive($open, -2);   // &lt;- get the lastest 2 mails
$recv = XPM3_POP3::Receive($open, 0, 1); // &lt;- get the old mail

// print result
if ($recv) print_r($recv);
else echo 'Message(s) not found.';

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Last update: Wednesday, December 27, 2006


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