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XPM3_MAIL -> <i>boolean</i> <b>relay</b> ( <i>string</i> address [, <i>string</i> username [, <i>string</i> password [, <i>integer</i> port [, <i>mixed</i> ssl [, <i>integer</i> timeout ]]]]] )
Returns TRUE if has been successfully set, FALSE if not.

Open connection to relay mail server (MTA).

Default values are:
<i>integer</i> port: 25
<i>mixed</i> ssl: <i>boolean</i> false
<i>integer</i> timeout: 30

<i>mixed</i> ssl possible values are: <i>boolean</i> false, true; <i>string</i> tls, ssl, sslv2, sslv3

<i>Notice</i>: <i>string</i> address can have hostname or IPv4 value.
The standard port values are: 25 - default, and 465 - SSL (secure).

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$m = new XPM3_MAIL;

// set mail delivery to "relay"

// set relay connection parameters via port 465 secure TLS and 10 secounds timeout
$r = $m->Relay('relay.hostname.tld', 'username', 'password', 465, 'tls', 10);

// print result(s)
if ($r) echo 'Success!'; // if relay connection was successfully set
else print_r($m->result); // if an error occured

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