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XPM3_MAIL -> <i>boolean</i> <b>addheader</b> ( <i>string</i> name, <i>string</i> value [, <i>string</i> charset [, <i>string</i> encoding ]] )
Returns TRUE if has been successfully added, FALSE if not.

Default values are:
<i>string</i> charset: utf-8
<i>string</i> encoding: quoted-printable

<i>string</i> encoding possible values are: quoted-printable or base64

The most important values of header (see the list) can not be set, 
because XPM3 build this values automatically or you can use another function to set (like: AddTo(), From()).

This values of header can <b>not</b> be set:
 Subject, From, To, Cc, Bcc, Date, Content-Type, 
 Content-Transfer-Encoding, Content-Disposition, 
 X-Mailer, X-Priority, X-MSMail-Priority, MIME-Version

<i>Notice</i>: you can add multiple header values with the same name.

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$m = new XPM3_MAIL;

$h = $m->AddHeader('X-Whatever', 'the value');

echo $h ? 'added' : 'error';

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Last update: Thursday, November 30, 2006


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