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Theme Name: The Neue Standard
Theme Author: Ryan Miglavs
Author URL: http://socialistpear.com

This is the default theme for expanse, the cms for creative people. Although it is relatively spare, I hope it remains elegantly beautiful in its minimalism.

I've tried to make the templates as readable as possible, so that you can alter them and learn from them easily. Feel free to use this theme on your site as-is, without any attribution if you like, or use it as the starting point for your own themes.

By default, I have left the template caching off. To turn this on (and speed page rendering considerably), change the folder named '_cache' to just 'cache'.

This theme is built on a horizontal grid, 24px high. I've included the grid.png file, so you can uncomment the body rule that sets it as the background to see the horizontal rules.

This theme's CSS uses features not supported by IE < 7. I don't really care. It degrades gracefully in that horrible excuse for a browser, so don't worry too much about it.

If you would like more advanced features, have a look at The Neue Pro, this theme's big brother. It sports lots of snazzy upgrades, such as livesearch, an easily-customizable sidebar, improved galleries, and much much more! Upgrade today! YOU BUY NOW!

Thank you for using expanse!


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