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<h1>Expanse has been installed.</h1>
<p>You are one incredibly sensible and wise person, and we, the Expanse team, thank you.<br />
But what is a great CMS without some great content? So, in order to facilitate your content adding frenzy, we would like to give you the important details for your copy of Expanse.
  <dt id="loginInformation">Login information</dt>
  <dd id="loginDetails">
<strong>Where is Expanse installed?</strong> <a href="{expanseurl}index.php">{expanseurl}index.php</a><br />
<strong>What is my username?</strong> {username}<br />
<strong>What is my password?</strong> {password}

<p>Also, if you need any help feel free to ask. We have a few links for you to peruse through that will help if you have any questions.</p>
<dt>Expanse KnowledgeBase/Wiki</dt>
<p><a href="http://help.expansecms.org">http://help.expansecms.org</a><br>
If you need to find some answers to common questions, or for some step by step walk throughs, etc. please feel free to peruse our Wiki. This is almost always the best place to start your search.</p>
<dt>Expanse Forums</dt>
<p><a href="http://forums.expansecms.org">http://forums.expansecms.org</a><br>
If the regular documentation is of no help, feel free to drop a line in our forums. If one of the admins don't answer personally, there is always someone around who can help.</p>
<p>Thanks again for choosing Expanse. We hope you enjoy it.<br>
Your friendly neighborhood Expanse folks.
<p>Powered By <a href="http://expansecms.org" target="_blank">Expanse</a></p>

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