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	Private Labeling
	If you'd like to hide the fact that you're using expanse from your 
	end users, you can "private label" expanse so that they 
	think they're using a custom CMS.
	This does NOT allow you to redistribute expanse as your own, nor
	does it in any way void or supersede the End User License Agreement.
	// Change false to true (without quotes) in order to activate private labeling
	$private_label 	= false;
	$company_name	= ''; // Your company name
	$company_url	= ''; //Your company's website
	$cms_name		= ''; // The name of the actual CMS. This will be the company name if left blank
	// The URL to your company's logo. Must be 151px wide and 33px high
	// It would also probably look best as a transparent gif or png,
	// or it should have this background color: #f5f5f5
	$company_logo	= ''; 
	// Company news feed URL
	// If you'd like some specialized news to show on the main page
	// you can enter in the URL to the RSS feed here:
	$custom_news_feed = '';
	$expanse_folder = '';
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