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// make sure there are no leftovers from other language files!

// language string definitions for the default template
$__lang['color_label'] = 'Theme template color';
$__lang['color_label_help'] = 'Select the desired color for this theme template';

$__lang['theme_config_header'] = 'Select your template color';
$__lang['theme_config_caption'] = 'Additional template configuration';
$__lang['theme_config_summary'] = 'This table allows you to parameterize the ExiteCMS 3 column template';
$__lang['field_button_save'] = 'Save';
$__lang['field_button_back'] = 'Back';

$__lang['colorVariation'] = array();
$__lang['colorVariation']['red'] = 'Red';
$__lang['colorVariation']['blue'] = 'Blue';
$__lang['colorVariation']['green'] = 'Green';
$__lang['colorVariation']['orange'] = 'Orange';
$__lang['colorVariation']['purple'] = 'Purple';

$__lang['color_select_success'] = 'Theme color selection succesfully updated';
$__lang['color_not_defined'] = 'The color selected is not defined in the template';

$__lang['section_type'] = 'Supports elements of type:';
$__lang['section_count'] = 'Number of elements assigned:';
$__lang['section_count_of'] = 'of';

// add it to the language class array for processing
$lang['theme_exitecms8'] = $__lang;

/* End of file template_lang.php */
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