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        $field_name: The name of this field
        $form_name: The name of the form
        $value: The current value
        $check_project: If the issue must belong to the current project
        $exclude_issue: An issue ID to exclude (usually current issue)
        $exclude_duplicates: If issues that have a duplicate status should be be excluded (not counted as valid)
        $error_message: An extra error message to show.
        $span_class: The class to set for the span
<input type="text" id="{$field_name}" name="{$field_name}" value="{$value}" class="default"
    onBlur="validateIssueNumberField('{$app_base_url}', '{$form_name}', '{$field_name}', {literal}{{/literal}
                check_project: {$check_project|default:1},
                exclude_issue: {$exclude_issue|default:0},
                exclude_duplicates: {$exclude_duplicates|default:0},
                error_message: '{t}{$error_message|default:""}{/t}'
{include file="error_icon.tpl.html" field=$field_name}
<span id="{$field_name}_error" class="{$span_class|default:'default'}"></span>
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