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require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../init.php");


echo "<html>
<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"../css/style.css\" type=\"text/css\">

echo "<p class=\"default\">This script checks your eventum directory for permission problems. Since different hosts will have
permissions setup differently this script cannot automatically fix permission problems.</p>
<p class=\"default\">As a general rule, your webserver should be running as 'nobody' (a user with few permissions)
and your files should not be writable from the web. Only your logs (" . APP_LOG_PATH . ") and setup (" . 
APP_SETUP_FILE . ") files need to be writable by the web server.</p>";

echo "<table cellpadding=\"3\">
        <tr class=\"default\">
          <th style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">Title</th>
          <th style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">Path</th>
          <th style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">Is Readable?</th>
          <th style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">Is Writeable?</th>
          <th style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">Comments</th>

// check if base directory is writeable
check_file("Base Directory", APP_PATH, "Base directory should be read only by your web server.", "r");

check_file("Log Directory", APP_LOG_PATH, "Log directory should be writable by your webserver. However, your web
    server should <b>NOT</b> be able to read this directory to prevent outsiders from viewing your logs.", "w");

check_file("Setup File", APP_SETUP_FILE, "The setup file should be both readable and writable from your web server.
    The setup file is used to store general settings.<br /><b>Note:</b> Once you have eventum configured, you can 
    mark this file as 'read only' if you want.", "rw");

echo "</table>
<p class=\"default\">Once you are done setting permissions, you should remove or restrict access to this setup directory (" . APP_PATH . "setup/).</p>

function check_file($title, $path, $comment, $desired_permission)
    $readable = is_readable($path);
    $writeable = is_writable($path);
    $needs_attention = false;
    if (($desired_permission == "r") && (($writeable == true) || ($readable == false))) {
        $needs_attention = true;
    } elseif (($desired_permission == "w") && (($writeable == false) || ($readable == true))) {
        $needs_attention = true;
    } elseif (($desired_permission == "rw") && (($writeable == false) || ($readable == false))) {
        $needs_attention = true;
    if ($needs_attention) {
        $color = "red";
    } else {
        $color = "green";
    echo "<tr class=\"default\">
            <td style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">$title</td>
            <td style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">$path</td>
            <td align=\"center\" style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">" . ($readable == true ? "yes" : "no") . "</td>
            <td align=\"center\" style=\"border: 1px solid black;\">" . ($writeable == true ? "yes" : "no") . "</td>
            <td style=\"border: 1px solid black;\"><span style=\"color: $color\">$comment</span></td>
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