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CKEditor Guide (http://www.ckeditor.com/)

Note: By "CKEditor directory" we mean "html_editor/ckeditor/" directory here.

Installation instructions

1/ Download CKEditor archive from http://www.ckeditor.com/
(the latest version tested was 3.3.1).
Extract (decompress) the downloaded file into CKEditor directory. 
Make sure "plugins" directory exists as "html_editor/ckeditor/plugins".

2/ Rename render.phps file into render.php (if render.php is absent)

3/ Go to Admin Area -> Application Setup and set CKEditor as preferred WYSIWYG HTML editor

4/ You may want to delete certain files/directories from CKEditor package because
they are not used 
(i.e. directories "_samples", "_source")
Don't forget to make sure that CKEditor works ok after you finish this clean-up.

Upgrade instructions

1/ Copy/backup the following files from the CKEditor directory into a safe place :


2/ Remove everything from the CKEditor directory

3/ Follow installation instructions located above

4/ Copy the saved files from the step 1 back into the CKEditor directory
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