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// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Esvon Classifieds v.4.0
// Copyright(C), Esvon LTD, 2001-2010, All Rights Reserved.
// E-mail: hide@address.com
// All forms of reproduction, including, but not limited to, internet posting, 
// printing, e-mailing, faxing and recording are strictly prohibited.
// One license required per site running Esvon Classifieds. 
// To obtain a license for using Esvon Classifieds, please register at
// http://www.esvon.com/pg/products/p_classifieds/
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------

New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.9:
  * Improved concurrent cache request for handling data that is uncached, 
which will boost the efficiency of high-traffic websites that have a large amount 
of listings

  * CKEditor added to the list of supported WYSIWYG editors

  * Changes in HTML code that is generated by the newest versions of all 
supported HTML editors (FCKeditor, TinyMCE) are safely accepted now

  * Added option "Method to send mail" to have ability to use SMTP server 
instead of PHP mail() function

  * JQuery library updated to version 1.4.2

  * Some internal improvements


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.8:

  * Export / Import fieldsets in Admin Area

  * Search engines friendly URLs use dashes instead of underscores now

  * "Mailing_Lists" module allows to send emails to users with certain membership
status (price plan based emails)

  * jwysiwyg added to the list of supported WYSIWYG editors

  * Activated PHP option "gd.jpeg_ignore_warning" to improve JPEG files handling
and to get rid of occasional ImageCreateFromJPEG errors 
(the option is available since PHP 5.1.3)


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.7:

  * Several changes to bring more compatibility for the upcoming PHP 5.3

  * Stronger CAPTCHA image verification

  * Changed "multimenu" fields storage format to match "checkboxes" fields

  * Alternative Image Text can be specified for each Category Image now

  * "Mailing_Lists" module changes: background email sending improved, 
emails export functionality added

  * Internal architecture improvements


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.6:

  * Added search type selection for text fields in Advanced Search page
(broad match/beginning with/ending with/exact match/sounds like)

  * Added option to allow ad placing without formal registration

  * Added "Disk Space (Free / Total)" information in Admin Area summary screen

  * Added possibility to delete multiple images at once

  * Some performance related improvements


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.5:

  * Added possibility for user to change e-mail address with email confirmation

  * Soundex (sounds like) search option added for "text" fields

  * Some internal improvements


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.4:

  * Dependent Menu added as supported form field type (depmenu)

  * "Report Abuse" replaced "Broken Link" module


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.3:

  * On-demand fields classes loading implemented to improve performance

  * Added TinyMCE support as a WYSIWYG editor replacement for <textarea> fields 

  * Added ability to export categories in Admin Area

  * Search by price plans added in Admin Area both for users and listings

  * Member price plans support realm New/Renew Membership

  * Bad words filtering added to Form_to_Email module

  * 'Require Login' option added to Reviews module

  * When listing titles are used in SE friendly URLs, and title is changed, 
added HTTP 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one (this prevents 
duplicate URLs problem)


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.2:

  * Added ability to import categories in Admin Area

  * Some internal architectural changes


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0.1:

  * Simplified 3rd party WYSIWYG HTML editors integration

  * Added FCKeditor support as a WYSIWYG editor replacement for <textarea> fields 
(supports IE 5.5+ for Windows, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+ and Netscape 7+)

  * New settings added in Admin Area :
- Preferred WYSIWYG HTML editor selection

  * Added ability to search by exp. date range in Admin Area -> Search / New
(if listings exp. date is enabled)

  * Since version 4 changed files history is kept in the "upgrades/" directory 
to make upgrade process between minor releases easy and quick


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 4.0:

  * Extended search engine friendly URLs support - added new option 
"Include category names and ad titles in SE friendly URLs"

  * Some performance improvements using MySQL 4.x features (SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS)

  * Caching engine improved to avoid serialize/unserialize overheads in favour of
native php includes performance

  * Brute Force Attack protection for authentication attempts implemented

  * AutoLogin (persistent login) security strengthened

  * New settings added in Admin Area :
    - Online Sales Tax, %
    - JPEG resizing quality
    - Max. allowed keywords amount in Keywords Search

  * Blocks engine improved: added ability to pass parameters from templates, i.e. :

<!-- TPL_INSERT : b_Categories [cat_limit=10] -->
<!-- TPL_INSERT : b_Featured_Ad [amount=2] -->

  * Variable modifiers support added in template parser, i.e. :
##var|count_words##, ##var|upper##, ##var|strip_tags##, etc.

  * Admin can browse online users, view their IP addresses and force user logout 
from a current active session

  * 'Disallow user account sharing' option implemented to prevent other users 
from logging in under the same user account at the same time

  * "Renew ads on subscription renewal" option added for user price plans

  * Added optional usage of verification image on Place Ad / User Registration pages
  * Category Extras Setup 
( Users must be logged in to Browse the following Categories,
  Users can not add listings in the following Categories )

  * Added ability to change from Admin Area PHP option 'display_errors'

  * Some internal improvements


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0.797:

  * Keyword search rewritten to use MySQL full-text search (MySQL 3.23.23 or later 
is required)

  * Online users tracking performance optimized

  * Content compression statistics is displayed in debug mode now (GZIP'ed output)


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0.796:

  * "Sectioned (dynamic) category selection" option added. It is useful if you have 
many categories/subcategories and they are difficult to scroll if all shown 
in a single drop-down menu. This setting affects Place Ad, Modify Ad, Advanced 
Search pages

  * "Insert into Ad Details page" option is available now when you add new field
in Admin Area -> Manage Fieldsets. It allows to add new field into "details.htm" 
template automatically

  * Ad Extras appear now at "Order Ad Placement" page only if ad is not expired
or price plan is selected to avoid ad extras ordering for expired ads which
are not displayed at the website

  * New templates added (order_ipn_declined.htm, order_ipn_paid.htm) to display
payment transaction status to the customer after payment is made. This ensures
customer awareness of the payment status (confirmed or declined) for some payment 
gateways that don't provide such information to the customer after payment takes
place (e.g. Authorize.Net SIM integration)

  * "Extra_Pages" module updated, custom index page is created immediately now
when you create extra page with id "index"


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0.794:

  * "Allow user to delete ads" option added

  * Non-modifiable fields support added for single line textboxes and drop down menus
(the value can be entered once but can't be changed later - Readonly or Hidden status)

  * Custom PHP code can be inserted in the templates from now, 
regular tags should be used ( <?php and ?> )

  * "Allow Decimals in Price Field" option added


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0.793:

  * User friendly ad fieldsets management implemented in Admin Area


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0.792:

  * Changed price plans / extra options expiration handling

  * Enhanced automatic Cron Job execution (available even on Windows platform from now)

  * Instant user price plan switching added if user browses website and user account 
expires (no dependence on cron job execution time from now on)

  * Email sending improved in "Mailing_Lists" module

  * Extra Pages module updated, dynamic blocks from "inc/blocks/" directory 
can be inserted into extra pages now

  * Spam Prevention page added in Admin Area for quick ability to delete spamer ad(s), 
spamer account and to ban spamer IP addresses from one page. Admin work to protect 
website from spam and website policy violation by posting bad content should be easier
from now

  * Text/HTML optional selection added for "textarea" fields (to allow newlines to 
be converted to <br> or not)


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0.788:

  * Additional features selection (Featuring, Priority Ranking, Visibility, 

Highlight Color) is now available in "Place Ad" form

  * "Editors" module support added - it enables to set up admin accounts for 
editors with multiple permission levels having limited administrator rights

  * Category specific search results layout (headlines) improved

  * "Sort By" option added in Advanced Search page

  * User registration IP, ad poster IP, payment transaction IP tracking added
to have better ability to prosecute fraudsters

  * "Availability" module support added


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0 - 3.0.787:

  * Ad / User Price Plans grouping added (only certain ad plans can be allowed 
for certain user plans) - improved price plans flexibility for advanced users
charging options

  * Search engines friendly URLs implemented for ads browsing (and navigation)

  * Improved Ad Extra Options management (Featuring, Priority Ranking,
Visibility, Highlight Color)

  * HTML generating procedure rewritten, database queries caching added
for best performance and instant pages loading on high-traffic websites

  * Templates parsing system improved

  * "Optimize/Repair DB Tables" option added in "DB Backup" section

  * Users login details one-click emailing added in Admin Area

  * Usability improved, more error proofing added

  * Updated images resizing process using GD2 to have excellent quality so 
ImageMagick is required only if you want to handle other than JPEG and PNG 

  * Search engines friendly URLs support added (you need Apache module 
"mod_rewrite" installed for this)

  * Search engines robots friendliness added. If search engine robot (spider, 
crawler) is detected session is not started and URLs don't have session id 
embedded in it. All major and many minor search engine robots are identified.

  * Multiple payment gateways support integrated (it is possible to provide 
some alternative payment methods like Paypal, Credit Card, e-Gold, etc 
for customer to select the preferred one)

  * Ad Category & Ad Details urls can be made search engines friendly
easily now if Apache module "mod_rewrite" is installed


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 3.0:

  * Login security improved (random one time passwords are used)

  * Sessions security improved (browser/IP fingerprint control added)

  * Allowed HTML tags control added

  * E-mail subjects are specified in email templates now

  * Payment Transactions management improved

  * Ads Management improved in "My Account" area

  * Auto filling out of of certain ad fields based on user profile at
"Place Ad" page

  * Sold sticker on ad supported

  * Payment methods can be easily turned on/off now, Direct Funds Transfer 
payment method added

  * "Who is Online" page added

  * Printer friendly page support added

  * "Recently Viewed" ads block added

  * Ad images slideshow added

  * Price plan expires to another price plan option added

  * Updated to use MD5() for admin passwords encryption instead of PASSWORD()
because of changed PASSWORD() behaviour since MySQL 4.1

  * IPs banning ability added


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.9:

  * WYSIWYG HTML editor added as supported form field type (htmlarea)

  * Pending payments viewing added for money/cheque orders in admin area. Admin can
see a table of unapproved payments.

  * Fixed size thumbnails generating added

  * Search results layout switching support added (matrix / rows)

  * Cron module enhanced. DB tables optimizing and HTML generation options added.

  * Credits module is supported now. It allows to have a system where people could 
pre-purchase ad placement/membership credits

  * Ad visibility (bold, bold red headings and so on) option added and posibility 
to charge for it

  * Option to hide empty categories at browsing and generated HTML implemented.

  * WYSIWYG HTML editor added to simplify "Extra Pages" management

  * Category-specific price plans added. You can charge different prices for ads 
placed in different categories now

  * Random Ad(s) block added

  * Modules management improved


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.8:

  * New cool feature - blocks functionality added ! You can have any content 
blocks (including database-driven) in header and footer now. 2 modes are used 
for blocks rendering: static and dynamic (this is block specific). In static 
mode block is rendered during HTML content generation. In dynamic mode block is 
rendered each time PHP page is requested. Dynamic blocks provide always up to 
date information but increase server load, it is ok to use dynamic blocks always 
if you don't have any server overheads problems (small- and middle-size 
databases, not too high site visitors traffic). So even if your site rocks and 
is very popular you'll hardly have server performance problems with our software, 
that's it !!!
  Blocks available now: Categories, Featured Ad, Who is Online, Latest Ads, 
Top Rated, Most Popular

  * Payment transactions management improved, filtering by date added.
Expenses management in admin area added (for expenses tracking for advertising,
custom programming, additional software, etc) to help you in monthly / yearly
profit analysis and taxes calculation.

  * Option to store PHP user sessions in database added

  * Administrator/editors passwords are stored encrypted in database now
using MySQL PASSWORD() function

  * Admin Area Authorization History added (all admin area authorization attempts 
are tracked and recorded)

  * Some general program engine improvements


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.7:

  * Payment plans management improved, fee- and subscription-based plans
are supported with ability to charge for ads placement, featured ads,
images amount, ads weight (better placement) and so on.
Also different levels of membership are supported for subscription-based sites.

  * File permissions verification added in admin area

  * Rewritten to be modular for best flexibility. Amount of database tables 
reduced. Only if module is activated additional needed for it database tables
and fields are created (and deleted if module is removed)


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.6.1:

  * Register money order / cheque payment added

  * File added to supported form field types

  * Program settings are saved in database in encrypted format now for better
privacy and secure storing of payment gateways settings (Authorize.Net 
Transaction Key, etc)

  * Possibility to search by multiple options added for all menu field types

  * Multiple menu added to supported form field types

  * For checkboxes and multiple menus min./max. amount of selected options
restriction added (optional)


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.6:

  * Admin email notification settings added. Can be notified when ad posted [modified,
deleted], user registered, "tell a friend" used, HTML generated, etc.)

  * Ads posting to final categories only (w/o subcategories) option added

  * Form submits flood protection added

  * Option to use username to login instead of email (helpful for migration from
other scripts)

  * Dynamic browsing results option added (for new ads to be displayed instantly 
without need to generate HTML)

  * Generate HTML content functionality improved (different generating levels 
are supported now - basic pages, browse ads area, ad details, etc.)

  * Random featured ad displaying across all pages option

  * Bad words filtering option added (censoring system)

  * Option to allow ad expiration date modification for all (specific) members added

  * HTML email support added for mass mailing (with preview/create like facilities)

  * Enable user fields in ad details / search results option added

  * Ad preview facility for members added

  * Fieldset - specific templates management added


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.5:

  * Checkboxes sets (options) added to supported form field types

  * Members Management functionality extended

  * More portability added, updated to work smooth with PHP configuration 
"magic quotes gpc" (in php.ini) ON and OFF

  * MAIL NOW feature added (as addon to cron-executed mailing)

  * Option to enable/disable e-mail confirmation at registration added

  * Search engine rewritten for best flexibility and performance

  * Ability to set ads allowed per member, Images allowed per ad, Image max. allowed 
filesize restrictions added

  * Option for images width and height checking added with ability to force 
autoresizing / reject if max. allowed sizes are exceeded
(both Imagemagick and GD library are supported)

  * Option to check image files validity added (check if uploaded files 
are images, reject if not)

  * Improved login functionality (now user is redirected to the last 
accessed page)

  * Page Templates and Email Templates management separated

  * Modular payment gateway support integrated. Paypal and Worldpay modules
are available, new gateways can be added easily now. The only requirement
for automatic payment handling is IPN (instant payment notification 
or callback functionality) support by your preferred gateway.

  * Improved categories selection/change at post/modify ad pages

  * User accounts disabling and manual approval added

  * Categories weight (priority) support added

  * Proxy servers handling added for valid hits/votes counting

  * Added date and datetime field types support (drop-down menus)

  * Interface for extracharges for placed ads added (charge for featured option,
for priority in search results / browsing, for extra visibility like bold/red
titles, etc.)


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.2.1:

  * Added support for different fieldsets in different categories.
Now you can have personals, accomodations, cars, jobs in 
your single site, each category can list different things.

  * Online users displaying support added 

  * Current user page determination added

  * Ad preview in admin area added

  * Categories and users management improved in admin area

  * E-mail confirmation before registration improved.

  * Case sensibility added to logins/passwords and confirmation codes.

  * Custom pages management added, you can add new pages to your site
easily now.

  * Checkboxes support integrated for custom fields

  * Admin-only custom fields support added (for ads and users table)

  * Language file format changed.


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.2:

  * Admin area layout redesigned to be more professional amd Netscape compatible

  * Registered members mass mailing added

  * Mailing lists engine improved. Now sending date is set and e-mail are sent
by perl script in background (using cron job or manually).

  * Backup feature added

  * Quick Search by users (all fields) added in admin area

  * Quick Search by ads (all fields) added in admin area

  * Ads expiration date support integrated

  * Both one-time and reccuring billing are supported now

  * Generated INDEX,HOT,TOP pages are made fully customisable

  * Files/images support added to USERS custom fields


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.1:

  * Advanced templates parsing technology developed and integrated.
No more html templates pieces in separate files.
Loop-based templates structure is supported now with multiple cell variants


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 2.0:

  * Admin area - search for user by login/email/userid added 

  * Both related links and related categories are now supported

  * Improved Configuration Setup in admin area 

  * Login scheme update, username field removed from user table - now email 
    is used as login and is unique key defining user 

  * If user account is not confirmed then confirmation url is included into lost password

  * Last login date / IP for members added

  * Editors assigning to multiple categories added

  * Editors notification added when ad is added to one of their categories

  * Performance improvement : preg_match() function replaced with more efficient
strpos() in many cases

  * Updated column types in tables for database to require less storage space

  * Paid membership support integrated (Paypal supported, other payment systems will be 
added upon request), custom payment conditions for certain members supported.

  * Improved search keywords logging - no more logging of the same keywords from the
same visitor, browsing of search results will not affect search keywords log any more.

  * Mailing list sending progress indicator added

  * Confirmed/pending users filter added in users management, export users data
updated - now filtered part of users table can be exported.

  * Listed by user, browse user ads feature added.

  * Pages separation added to Editor's Pick page.

  * Added user-friendly disabled/unexisting ad details displaying instead of 404 Error.

  * Modify ad by user.


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 1.3:

  * Multiple languages support at the frontstore side

  * Full-text search capabilities

  * Some usability improvements, ad rotation module created.


New in "Esvon Classifieds" 1.2:

  * Added user accounts support

  * Favorites management 

  * Random links flexible mailing service

  * Advanced search feature
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