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Spark/Plug Change History

Changes Since Last Release

Version 1.1.0 [2011-07-01]

	Incompatible Changes:
		moved method: SparkApplication::truncate() -> SparkUtil::truncate()
		SparkUtil::truncate() calling signature differs from SparkApplication::truncate()
		SparkInputSanitizer config reorganized into subarrays (separate configs for input and output processing)
	HTTP Basic Authentication support
	allow semi-colons in URLs
	new plugs: SparkCRUD, SparkValidator
	enhancements to SparkLang plug
	new column types: kFieldTypeByte, kFieldTypeShort, kFieldTypeLong
	new interface: iSparkDBQueryFunctionDropIndex
	new method: SparkDB::exists()
	new method: SparkApplication::spDir()
	new method: SparkApplication::getRequestMethod()
	new routing constants (:slug, :name, :hexid, :alnum)
	SparkView::popViewDir() method now protects only one (bottom-most) directory
	ability to send extra headers via SparkApplication::display()
	new database functions for fetching database metadata
	new methods: SparkDB::buildWhere(), SparkDB::buildConjunction(), SparkDB::buildDisjunction()
	support for optional file name extensions for models, controllers and views
	new methods: SparkUtil::make_uuid(), SparkUtil::encode_uuid(), SparkUtil::decode_uuid()
	new methods: SparkConfig::paramGet(), SparkConfig::php_ini_get()
	added SparkLogger plug
	add exception code SparkDBException::kUnknownColumn
	deprecated constants: controller params 'get', 'post' and 'cookie' replaced by 'qv', 'pv', 'cv' respectively
	deprecated method: SparkView::escape(), replaced by SparkView::escape_html()
	new methods: SparkView::escape_html(), SparkView::escape_xml(), SparkView::escape_uri()
	new method: SparkApplication::setStatus()
	new "requires" option in plug manifest, to list plug's depenencies
	display() methods now accept an HTTP status code as an optional parameter
	new config param "emulate_http_methods" to emulate HTTP methods via overloaded POST
	new config param "route_extra" to allow extra segments on end of URI
	RESTful routing and dispatching are now possible. Set 'RESTful' => true in config.
	iSparkDBQueryFunctionCreateTable::table() method now accepts $options parameter for adapter-specific options
	iSparkDBQueryFunctionAlterTable::table() method now accepts $options parameter for adapter-specific options
	MySQL adapter now allows caller to specify database engine when creating table
	MySQL adapter's kFieldTypeText field type has been changed from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT
	integrate PHPass library (via new SparkHasher plug) into SparkPlug authentication mechanisms - thanks netcarver
	more fully-baked exception handling (added SparkHTTPException classes)
	SparkDB: check result of bindParam() method for error
	SparkUtil::make_nonce() takes optional $length parameter
	add default views directory with default error_http view
	removed methods: SparkView::resetViewDirStack(), SparkApplication::resetViewDirStack()
	$view parameter of view rendering methods may now contain a comma-separated list of views to try
	added method: SparkApplication::showExceptionPage()
	bug fix: SparkApplication::dispatch() was setting default view with a leading forward slash
	SparkAuthModel: added optional parameter: $updateSession to method: authenticate($updateSession = true)

Version 1.0.0 [2010-11-20]
	Initial Release
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