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<? if (!empty($errors)): ?>
<div id="error">
	<p>An error occurred while attempting installation: <?= $this->escape($errors['install']) ?></p>
<? elseif (!empty($notice)): ?>
<div id="notice" class="flash">
	<p><?= $this->escape($notice) ?></p>
<? endif; ?>

<div class="title">
	Install Comments Plugin

<form method="post" action="">
	<div class="form-area">
		Comments Plugin needs to add a table to your site database. Your existing site data will not be touched.
		However, you may wish to perform a database backup before proceeding with installation.
	<div class="buttons">
		<button class="positive" type="submit" name="install">
			<img src="<?= $image_root.'tick.png' ?>" alt="" />
<div class="clear"></div>
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