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<div class="title">
	Install Escher Step 1 of 4: Site Configuration

<div class="installer">

	<div class="banner">
			Please enter configuration information for your new site.
	<form method="post" action="">
			<div class="form-area">
				<div class="field">
					<label for="site_url">Site URL:</label>
					<input type="text" name="site_url" size="60" value="<?= $this->escape($site_url) ?>" />
					<span class="help">Required. Enter the web-reachable address of your new site.</span>
					<?= isset($errors['site_url']) ? "<div class=\"error\">{$this->escape($errors['site_url'])}</div>" : '' ?>
				<div class="field">
					<label for="site_name">Site Name:</label>
					<input type="text" name="site_name" size="60" value="<?= $this->escape($site_name) ?>" />
					<span class="help">Required. Enter the name of your new site.</span>
					<?= isset($errors['site_name']) ? "<div class=\"error\">{$this->escape($errors['site_name'])}</div>" : '' ?>
		<div class="buttons">
			<button class="positive" type="submit" name="continue">
				<img src="<?= $image_root.'tick.png' ?>" alt="" />
			<button class="positive" type="submit" name="back">


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